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  1. I got in a jeep and ordered the driver to continue down the straight road ahead. So he turned left and ran into a tree. Backed up. Ran into it again.
  2. I got sick of playing with 99% great people only to have one moron login and destroy the base assets, and griefing everybody. If you're sick of this too, come to my website[/url] I've purchased a good, dedicated server and charging a cheap 5 Bucks a month (no commitment) for access. I'll send you the server password and you're in. It's cheap and will allow you to play arma without idiots. I'll even teach you how to play domination if you don't know. We'll rotate the maps and add different things, and the ban/kick bat will be in full swing mode for any idiot that decides to shoot the place up. The servers up now and running smooth. I'm not trying to make money with this, just getting rid of smacktards the best I can.
  3. Try this... Transfer the files, start the game and see if you can pull them up in the editor. Then save them in the editor, get out of the editor then try and play them. I had one mission that wouldn't transfer but after doing that I could play it. It could also be your security settings in XP/Vista. Move the saved games to a non-secure place (c:\temp\arma\) instead of in your documents folder, because if you do a copy it takes the security and moves the rights with the file. But moving them to a temp directory off the root of C: takes the security off, THEN move them into your document directory within XP partition.
  4. Squigibo

    I reverted from Vista to Xp

    Yeah, I did the same. Boosted it right up there. I did try Windows 7 first but it didn't come near the increase as XP. ---------- Post added at 01:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:10 PM ---------- I've tried Win 7 and XP and Vista. XP fastest of all. No increase with Windows 7 over vista. both 64 bit versions. Win 7 would crash sometimes as well. ---------- Post added at 01:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:14 PM ---------- No benefit with SP3 over 2. This has been documented that since the release of SP3 there wasn't any noticeable speed improvement over SP2 in any game.
  5. Squigibo


    First off, you should have downloaded the Demo first. If you had done that, you wouldn't have had to write this huge explanation of why it's not for you. It never was supposed to be a BF2/Quake/Delta Force. If you didn't download the demo first, that was your first mistake.
  6. Unfortunately people don't take time to learn the game either through setting up missions in the editor or doing any homework. They expect to install the game, and jump on a server and have their hands held all the way through completion. If you don't know where your squad leader is, try something called "communication". Ask where he is on the map and head in that direction. Don't expect the game to hold your hand all the way through. Once you learn how it all works, it's really quite simple. Don't expect BF2 type of interface and to be baby sat.
  7. Yup. I play on a controlled server and we do occasionally get the idiots standing in base and killing each other. But when you play the game correctly and COMMUNICATE, you don't need a HUD. Once you learn the type of game the server is playing, then it all fits into place. You have to learn and rely on communication in the game and paying attention, when you do, you find the game has so much more depth than any other BF type game. I agree that when I got Arma1 and got onto a multiplayer server, and I didn't know what was going on, it was a chaotic mess with no admin booting the punks. But then I SHUT UP AND LEARNED and then went.... "Ah-ha! This is awesome." But it took an effort on my part, and forget what I thought it was SUPPOSED to be. I had to re-think combat and my roles in it, and when I did, I would never consider going back to any of the BF's except as a mild distraction. ---------- Post added at 01:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:07 PM ---------- This is EXCELLENT advice and sums up transitioning from Military BF type of games. Once you stop thinking what everybody has copied since BF1942 then you really start down the road of a true Arma Jedi.
  8. Here's two video's I did of the Javellin acting odd. The first I see that I shot at 144Meters. Not the magical 150Meters. The second was at 150Meters. If you watch in HD, you can clearly see it saying 150 Meters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQdHlp_rlI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsy9sY7YJLw In Arma2 there is No direct attack mode which can be fired at a minimum range of 65Meters. So it always fly's as a top attack. The problem also is that the Javelin in real life get's a much higher altitude before it comes streaking down to the top of the target. In arma2 it's more of a lob attack. To actually get a solid kill in Arma 2 you have to be nearly 200Meters for a 100% chance of a kill. Anything less it's "iffy".
  9. Arma is more a simulator than a game. It's like comparing Flightsimulator X to Hawx.
  10. Squigibo

    The unkillable T-90

    Uh the reason my ground is so "wavey" (sp?) is because my graphics are on Very High and the breeze is blowing the grass back and forth. I just uploaded me shooting a T-90 at 150m as I was told is minimum distance for a top attack. Well. here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsy9sY7YJLw
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQdHlp_rlI
  12. Squigibo

    Nvidia 190.38 Beta Drivers?

    Yeah it looks like the newer 2xx and > cards like 190.15 drivers and the 9800's and lower seem to like the 180.48 drivers.
  13. Squigibo

    Nvidia 190.38 Beta Drivers?

    My findings: New Beta NVidia Drivers 190.38 - ArmaMarkII Score - 2198.xx Old Nvidia 180.48 ArmaMarkII Score - 2430.xx Nvidia 186.18 ArmaMarkII Score 2186.xx Athlon 4400+ Overclocked 4 Gig RAM Nvidia Superclocked 9800 GTX+ 512Meg Grafix Same game settings and ArmaMark2 Score run twice (these are second numbers for each driver)
  14. Squigibo

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    lol that was good... I love telling each of my squadies every last detail, even to breath. Typical dialog with me and my squad. All Hold Fire Roger All Stealth Roger 4 move to that tree Oscar Mike 2 Move to that tree. Roger 4 move to that tree "not the one you thought I told you to move to you moron" Roger 2 Get down (why you came out of stealth I dunno.) 4 - Waiting 4 Starts shooting 2 Starts shooting 3 Runs right at AI, turns around and runs back and lays behind a little rock. 4 I'm Hit 2 Is down 3 Heal that sniper Roger 3 runs backwards up the hill. 3 Move to that tree (near sniper) Roger 3 Is Down! 2 Runs at enemy for no apparent reason Oh no, 2 is down. I give up.
  15. Squigibo

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    Here's the point.... since you missed it, I'll spell it out for you as if you were a member of an AI squad.... Why is it, that I can pick up a sniper rifle, crawl up to the same MG nest, and shoot the Machine Gunner, and my highly skilled AI sniper stands up and runs towards the machine gunner and doesn't just shoot him from the position he was at? Has nothing to do with flanking maneuver. I can do it, so why can't an AI sniper do the same thing?
  16. nah, you could get them a week ago. Guru3D had em linked.
  17. Squigibo

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    I just want healed sometimes. :(
  18. Squigibo

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    It's "iffy" sometimes they move an act correctly, other times they do really stupid stuff. When I know we are going to engage the enemy, I put them on danger. They will hide behind a bush, when there is a perfectly well defensible building just to their left. I know they won't go into buildings no matter how hard you try. I was playing a domination with AI turned on. I decided to take two medics with me just to heal me or heal whomever needed it. I thought this was fairly smart. So off we go and I park the dynamic Duo behind some rocks and tell them to stay put. I go down to start working on the town. Zippp. I take one in the legs. So I order Tweedle Dum to come heal me. He comes to me and stands there looking at me. "Hey, stupid, down here, yes I'm down here with all this blood... Heal me." Duhh.... (saliva running out of his mouth.) "OK I think you're bugged." So I order Tweedle Dee down to do the same. Here he comes... good dog. He stands next to his buddy, and both of them are just standing there looking at me as I bleed out.
  19. Squigibo

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    can't think of anything. Seriously, I set up a little single player mission and put a MG Nest on the edge of town. I jumped in with my squad and we go down through the woods. The squadies yell out, "Static Defense to our Front." I get everybody prone, tell everybody to hold fire. I tell the sharpshooter to crawl down and shoot the MG Nest. "Roger"... he get's up and runs down there, well within sniper range, you hear the MG Nest open up. "F$@K! Four is down. Everybody is still under do not fire orders. #2 turns into Rambo, jumps up, the X comes off as he decides to take on the soviet army, and without orders, runs down to get mowed over. The medic stands up. Just stands up. and proceeds to be pumped full of lead. So I crawl down and pick up the sniper rifle. I open fire, then 2 others just start firing. I'm yelling at them to stop it, but they say "Roger" and keep on firing. Whole squad get's mowed down just taking out a MG nest. They just do whatever they want.
  20. I tried this un a week or so ago, and it forced my game into 3D. But could have been a fluke.
  21. I believe now that AI CAN see through walls. I took the editor and put a OPFOR squad on the other side of a building. They just stood there. I then put my squad on other side of building, then hit Preview. Immediately, my squad started shouting out targets on the other side of the building even though I put them right up on the building. There is NO WAY they could see them. But they were identifying them. This is easily reproduced.
  22. oh sorry, it was really meant for another poster, but what I meant was people say they go by hearing, but I was so close he could have heard me running back and forth, but still he didn't turn. ---------- Post added at 03:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:57 PM ---------- Just because a red dot shows on your map, doesn't mean the enemy is there remember. It's where it's assumed to be either by sound, or a squad member sighting them. It's the last known position. He could have crawled off someplace in the grass but not updated the map.
  23. I was running all over and didn't see the AI turn towards me and I was prolly 20 feet away from him on other side of building. I think the AI just communicates alot and quicker than we can spot them.
  24. I've just setup a one on one with a crewman in the editor and they do have a small carbine of some sort. I would shoot from one end of a small building and he would turn to face me and go prone. I would then run around the backside of the building and peek out the corner and he would still be facing where I was. I can't replicate him autotracking me.