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  1. From playing the Alpha, I feel that I agree with the suggestion posted, as it could fix the issue of having too many keys for paces and stances. Using the scroll wheel could fix this by pressing a key with the scroll wheel adjusting the stances and movement speed (similar to splinter cell). I do love the suggestion of using scroll wheel to adjust the throwing distance. There also NEEDS to be a stance indicator as stated in the first post, although its a mil sim you don't have the same body awareness as you would in real-life.
  2. Rykane

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Welcome back Ivan and Martin. Good to see you guys and wish you and your families well.
  3. Awesome work Ali, Its look very good. Can't wait to see it textured.
  4. I have recently updated ACRE and ACE and none of the missions created or edited by my clan seem to on the server. Any other mission works except the ones we have edited/created. *EDIT* I have fixed the issues. It seems to have not been related to ACRE and ACE. Thanks anyway Sickboy for your help.
  5. Rykane

    ACE for OA 1.11

    I seem to have a problem with the current update. With the previous updates i was able to identify my teammates by a player/name/object tag in white text that comes up to identify them. Now with the current update it seems to have removed that feature. I am wondering if it is a bug or a feature which has been removed. If anyone can help I'd be appreciated Thanks.
  6. Rykane

    Squad XML logo problems

    I've recently uploaded my squad XML to my FTP server and used the URL in-game but the logo still does not show up in-game. I have literally tried everything to try and fix this. If anyone can help me I'd still be appreciated.
  7. =UKTF= PUBLIC NIGHT!!!!! NO MODS REQUIRED!!!! Want to game on a low ping server in one of the most realistic clans in ARMA2? On Sunday the 21st of August, =UKTF= is opening doors to the public so you can experience our style of gaming and teamwork. Best thing is that NO MODS are required! meaning if you have the game and your updated you can jump on! If you join and you are based in the UK your will experience low ping in some cases it can be around 20ms. To get involved all you have to do is join our teamspeak DETAILS BELOW Once your in a =UKTF= member will introduce themselves and get you hooked up and into a squad. Once your sorted you will be give the server password and then you can experience Arma the way its meant to be played.With the help of our members you will be able to get involved quickly and experience what its like to be a full time member in the clan. As a clan we usually play with ACRE and ACE for the sheer fact that both are amazing mods and help us to create a true sense of realism in our games.However our style of gameplay can be experienced on these dates and allow you to get involved. You are welcome to hop onto the teamspeak server at any time for more info. Teamspeak 3 IP: (No Port) Password: Nebula Everyone is welcome! Thanks for reading this post. www.uktf-clan.co.uk
  8. Thanks for the quick reply i really appreciate it. I'll download it asap.
  9. I seem to get a window that pops up on the top right that says "Strength" in a percent of the radio strength and some other variables like RX, DIS whenever someone talks. I would appreciate if someone could help me solve this and try take it away.
  10. Rykane

    Squad XML logo problems

    Yeah, i've tried it in MP mission. You probably took my .png image but that is only for the HTML version not the actual xml. It also maybe could be where my files are located as our website is hosted by www.enjin.com. I tried hosting using a free web hoster like webs: http://uktfclan.webs.com/squadxml/squad.xml but this still doesn't show the image in-game. I've literally tried everything and still can't seem to find a solution.
  11. Hey guys, I've recently been trying to get my clan squad.xml working. I have the XML working it just seems to be the logo that doesn't appear in-game. I created the logo in photoshop and converted it into a .tga image. I then used the .tga file into texview 2 and converted it into a .paa file yet it still doesn't show in-game. Here is what my squad xml looks like: Here is my squad xml that i have uploaded: http://files.enjin.com/38712/squad/squad.xml My logo is 256x256 so im pretty sure that isn't the problem. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  12. Rykane

    Revamped animation system

    I hope so, as this means there might finally be decent reload animations and other movement animations.
  13. I tried editing the ace_clientside_config.hpp file within "\ArmA 2\userconfig\ACE" and editing the line #define ACE_NOVOICE with adding "//" but it still get the "no entry 'bin\config.bin/cfgvoicetypes/novoice.name" error and no voice chatter.
  14. I don't have a userconfig file in the main ARMA 2 root folder. I modified the one in "ArmA 2\@ACE\userconfig" ACE 2 is working fine except the fact that theres no voice/ radio chatter, but i'd prefer if it was enabled.
  15. I've just tried putting it in the main arma 2 root folder but it still hasn't worked. Anyone else able to help?