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  1. sjdeany

    Warfare BE

    I'm having a strange bug with this mission 2.073 lite CO. People who join the server/game after the mission has first been started don't spawn with any money, Don't receive any income and don't get bounties from killing AI. People who were in the lobby before the mission has started have no problems, Could anyone help?
  2. sjdeany

    Domination Missions

    Cheers tank thats what I was looking for
  3. sjdeany

    Domination Missions

    they are not the ones made by xeno
  4. sjdeany

    Domination Missions

    I'm looking at the Domination thread by xeno hoping to get hold of the missions for use with my friends, I click on the dev heaven link and it asks for a login, once I have registered all I get is "You are not authorized to access this page." So please someone tell me where I can get hold of these brilliant missions.
  5. Some help please I'm pretty sure he is not the only one fucked over because they spent £10 on DLC that doesnt fucking work
  6. My freind bought both the DLC's in the steam sale, He cant connect to any server not running the full DLC, I've already read up on this is there a fix out or can anyone explain how to remove the DLC so it default back to DLC lite. thanks
  7. sjdeany

    Hosting own server

    Yes but on previous games where i've done that people could not connect.
  8. Hello i'm wanting to host my own server (not dedicated) from my own PC so I can play Co-op missions with friends, I know I need to forward some ports but i'm struggling to understand what ports I need to forward. Please help. thanks.
  9. sjdeany

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    Well i think it would be a nice little addition to have a extra incentive to explore, although if bigfoot gets added IT MUST BE UBER STRONG AND PWN EVERYTHING :D "We went hunting for rabbits and this thing killed everyone, i managed to hide in a bush for 30mins and escape" yes please
  10. sjdeany

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    :o scary, i meant a AI sniper like in that video i assume its a script but im not 100% sure how to use those.
  11. sjdeany

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    Well 1.02 is out and i heard they were going to add big foot then, couldnt see any mention in the change log, anyone got any info? Also how did that guy make a sniper with no guns?
  12. sjdeany

    I got it!!!!!

    OH GOD YES!!!! it was slightly more laggy noticably looking forowrd than looking to the ground or sky, when looking to the sky or ground it was far smoother :P (well durr) anyway i lowerd terrain to "high" and now its just as smooth looking forword. ---------- Post added at 12:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:58 PM ---------- haha if i was to do that then the forum would get spammed :D anyway i hope its helpful for you guys. (i think ill go play it now :P)
  13. sjdeany

    I got it!!!!!

    hmm just started the training mission, set everything to high with 1680x1050 and i have to admit im surpised. i will try get a FPS reading i dont think its very epic though but seems playable so far. Q6600 @ 2.4 4gb pc 6400 ram 800 mhz super clocked gtx 260 core "216" i can use the AI overclock feature on my motherboard to get another 10% out of cpu and ram (P5N-E SLI) excited!!!! :D ---------- Post added at 12:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:43 PM ---------- well im on the first boot camp mission so i dont know if its a real test but im getting around 35+ so far so all seems good. ---------- Post added at 12:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 PM ---------- Opps my settings are: visability: 1600 fill rate: 100% resolution: 1680x1050 texture: very high video mem: very high Anisotropic filtering: high terrain: very high objects: very high shadows: high post process: very high
  14. sjdeany

    I got it!!!!!

    Yeah just noticed that other thread, hehe looks like i wasnt first.
  15. sjdeany

    I got it!!!!!

    My copy of ArmA 2 (im in UK) arrived today at 12:18 pm, installing now!!!!11111oneoneone:yay: