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  1. Hey guys! I have stumbled upon a problem with configuring handling for BMP-1/2 addon. As the vehicle starts to move forward and rearward - it behaves normal. But when i try to turn it - it starts to gain speed, as if one of the tracks starts to move faster (which is totally ok for turning a tracked vehicle), when the other one keeps it's initial speed (that's when i come across with the problem). Ideally - one of the tracks should increase it's speed and the other one decrease it, but it's not working that way for me for some reason. So, can anyone share any ideas on how to configure the vehicle so that it would behave proper? Or maybe an example of configuration for some other tracked vehicle? Thank you in advance!
  2. The problem is a different approach in creating mods. We in VTN trying to make A3 as realistic and immersive as possible within this game engine, even when it causes gameplay discomfort (lack of zoom, bp vests that can only carry up to 6-8 mags, etc.). Other mods have different approach. They're doing GREAT job, but it is impossible to cooperate when each team trying to achieve different goals :(
  3. We would like to, but we don't have enough manpower to fulfill these ideas :)
  4. yanot

    PBR render

    Well, as i said there are analogs to SP such as 3D Coat and etc. The point is: PBR is a new video games graphic standart that gives us an awesome flexibility in terms of materials and its settings. I love PS aswell and using it since forever and I did come out of my zone of comfort with 3D Coat like a year ago :) And it was worth it. PS is beautiful program... For retouching photos, applying filters to it and creating seamless camo patterns, but unfortunately it cant give you as much flexibility and information about what you are doing with the texture on model in real time, and trust me: when you will try it - you won't want to switch back to Ps.
  5. yanot

    PBR render

    Hey, BI! Is there any chance to see Physically Based Rendering integrated in your products in observable future (like a year or couple)? Because it's already a gamedev standard for quite some time now and it gives a really nice look to games that use it (War Thunder, Fallout 4, etc you name it). And at last but not least: it's easier to make mods, since pretty much everyone using Substance Painter and analogs and SP gives you awesome results with PBR maps such as Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Normal and Emissive. PS: I'm your fan since 2002, since them gud' ol' days of Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer (you're not gonna make me call OFP "Arma 1" :D).
  6. Am I missing smth or we tried to win smth? :D VTN team didn't even know that we were onto smth. What would we win? Would it be a dress? PS: Thank you guys anyways :D But we really don't even pay attention to any kind of contests ever since Make Arma Not War, so don't worry about: "Don't let that bring you down" - we simply just don't care. We do what we do and we love it. That's all that matters :)
  7. New RPG-7 rounds for rebels.
  8. VTN uses realistic magnification. The real magnification of PSO-1 is 4x and FOV is 6°. I'm not sure, but perhaps RHS uses the standard BI's PSO-1 magnification from Arma 2 which is waaaaaay above the realistic specifications. VTN isn't about comfort. It's about realism :) We'll consider that. Thank you :)