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  1. Mature UK tz player. Would be a good fit for a casual, relaxed unit - some fun and banter with more focused ops late evening that I can attend when able. My primary gaming hours are around GMT 22:00-24:00, and most evenings are an option at those times. I can occasionally do earlier ops or weekends, but not regularly. In short, life's pretty hectic so a full-on milsim group with strict weekly attendance requirements ain't gonna work. I have years of fps pvp/co-op. Played a fair bit of Arma2 but not done loads of multiplayer Arma3 thus far. Up for being a good team player and learning the ropes on ops. Mic, TS3, Discord, whatever as required.
  2. cr0wn3r

    Is online even playable?

    Sounds like you have another problem, not just hardware limited frame rates. I've been happily playing online at around 20fps. When things get a bit mental that can drop as low as 10 (briefly) but I never feel like I'm out of control or that it hit's my performance in the game. Your description of soldiers suddenly being 5m away sounds more like its to do with the network. Are you playing on wifi? Or are other people sharing your local connection? Even if neither of these things are the case, many good servers seem to have fairly catestrophic lag spikes froim time to time. Some nights seem to be more lag spike than not. I think this network stuff is more likely your problem with enjoying the game.
  3. cr0wn3r

    Spacebar scanning

    Im not sure if that's right? I was on KH last night and cross hairs were turned off, but the space bar thing was still working.
  4. cr0wn3r

    Spacebar scanning

    Arma2 is my first visit to this kind of soldier sim game and I'm really enjoying the evenings Ive spent on kellys heroes and silent warriors so far.... but this topic is worrying me.... Sometimes there are soldiers, who are on my side, but they don't have a box over them to highlight them and they also dont appear on my map. At all. Even if I'm looking right at them. Other soldiers in the same game do but not all. What's going on here, and how do I decide whether to shoot or not if I can not use the space bar to check? On a PC screen at 500m one gun toting silloette in the grass looks pretty much like any other. If everyone on your team always shows up on the map then you know everyones position and you can cross reference to see roughly where your team is, but if they DONT all show up on the map how on earth do you remain situationally aware? Unless people constantly radio in their positions then theres no way to know where are?
  5. This is silly. How am I ment to know to call the chopper in order to progress the mission? The instruction after recovering the files is to investigate the base - which I cant do as I get headshot by invisible super army just before I get there. Forget sandbox. Hell, it's not even linear. It's some kind of psycho telepathy where you have to guess what the level designer was thinking with NO FLIPPING CLUES. For goodness sake. Please can I have the names and addresses of the QA people? I would like to pop round and ask them some questions.... like WTF they were doing.
  6. cr0wn3r

    PiLfIuS profile for ArmA2

    Great work dude. That ones going on my desktop. Re the 64 bit issue, VAC works fine for me both in and out of Arma2 on windows 7 64 bit and Vista 64 bit. I've had no issues at all.
  7. In the middle of a firefight when crouched by the rear tyre of an APC, they like to go for a 40m jog round the local area before actually getting in. Muppets. Doesnt matter how close they are when I give the order to board. They still go for a nice long jog first. Maybe theres some back story we don't know yet, and actually they don't want to make it home...
  8. cr0wn3r

    Post you most annoying bug !

    Squad members randomly deciding not to follow me, often due to getting stuck behind a really small bush. And you dont realise theyve gone missing till they ask "where are you?" over the radio.
  9. I was relying on that text, then when I checked it half of it was missing. I only had about half the missions worth of comms from Shaftoe, and the next arrow took me back to the beggining again.
  10. Take it from the Manhattan base.
  11. cr0wn3r

    PiLfIuS profile for ArmA2

    That's a cool idea. It would really help making other profiles to have an out of game reference to all the keyboard shortcuts for the convoluted menu's. I havent tried Pilfius, but I'm using VAC ok in Windows 7 RC1. Not had any problems with it at all. I've not tried Pilfius before. Is it better? I'll try it out later tonight and report back if it does / doesn't work on my windows 7.
  12. I followed some other tips on here and restarted the mission, went straight to the base in the APC (not the tracked one..). Managed to call in the artillery strike without any enemy noticing me, then nailed the tank afterwards using the gun on the APC. I had to shoot manually - when I left it to the squaddies I died repeatedly and didnt hit it. Maybe I got lucky, but eitherway, it worked. Boomerang turned up and took out the machine gun nests a few minutes later.
  13. cr0wn3r

    Suppress Command

    Gutted to read this.... I've spent so long trying to get my troops to suppress, using that command, and wondering why it never worked....
  14. Ok cool. Just so I'm not spreading confusion, I don't think I read anywhere that we only have a limited number of installs. I just assumed. Seems to normally be the case these days. If it isnt the case with AMA2 then hats off to BIS.
  15. Im about to reinstall my PC Do I need to do anything to deactivate the game first so that I dont burn up another one of my allowed installs?