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    Project CDF

    That three color looks sweet!
  2. karensman08


    @Hongjian, Thanks for upload link. I hope this MOD doesn't die and keeps on growing. downloading now...
  3. @Laqueesha, I would concur with Max Power. Many units, while deployed, have been able to order just the replacement front hand guards for their M16A2s. Usually, it is support units because most of the line units by the time of the photo (judging by use of ACUs ~2005 or later) were already fielding M4s. The hand guards were starting to be replaced like this because during deployments so many units were being outfitted with PAQ-4s/PEQ-2s and CCO sights; and also many of them thought it was just "cool" to have the verticle front grip.
  4. Gossamer, Thanks... Well hopefully someday BIS will release the MLOD and we can see it happen.
  5. Are there any simple reskins of the Arma2:OA strykers to make them green (not camo), in stead of the sand color?
  6. karensman08

    Someguywho's North Koreans

    Awesome thanks!!
  7. i'm still interested! does this mean we will get to see this released?
  8. karensman08

    Wall Street Occupation

    froggyluv, what you fail to comprehend is that what was liberal is today's conservative in the US. the democratic party has always been for segregation and prior to the american civil war was the party supporting slavery. the GOP or republican party (the party of Abe Lincoln) has always been for EQUAL rights. even today, the democratic party is driving wedges between races by trying to give "opportunities" to the miniorities. this is not treating people equally, but rather giving favor to special populations. see this article to demonstrate my point: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/24/uc-berkeley-racist-bake-sale_n_979184.html As a white male, I would be ticked if I had to pay twice as much for the same brownie that the African American would be charged. This is discrimination in my eyes and is not equality.
  9. karensman08

    Wall Street Occupation

    It’s our job as people who have been blessed with good education and understating of the world to help out those who weren’t so lucky. Martin, This is the old American way of thinking. We freely and willing give of ourselves to help those less fortunate but it is done at a personal level, not a national/federal level. And it is not done in a way that is by force. I was really trying not to impose religious views, but it really is the Christian charity mentality. It is these Christian beliefs from which the US has strayed and I believe that this is where we have fallen to the point where we are now. Everyone wants things for themselves and they are not willing to give of themselves. Just imagine an environment with Arma where we were not allowed to play the game unless we all contributed to it in a way dictated by BIS to each of us, even though we had already bought it. I could only imagine how successful (or rather unsuccessful) this game would be.
  10. karensman08

    Wall Street Occupation

    Spokesman, Actually, I am going off personal knowledge after having spoke to several people. Brittons who now are realizing that government run medical care is not all that it is cracked up to be. Iranians who have defected to the US after the Iatola took over and began running the nation under communist models. All these nations that have tried to follow the communist model have only resorted in having that even less than 1% power elite and everyone else becomes no better than the US's bottom of the lower class with no chance to ever become anything better. Oh... unless, they can find that right in to the social elite. Though this is true is some aspects of the US, it is not the only way. I can agree that the true communist ideal would be a perfect utopian society, however, some type A personality will always want to be on top and will realize that the only way he/she can do so is to continue to oppress all others.
  11. karensman08

    Wall Street Occupation

    Froggyluv, see my earlier post... In the original idea of American society, people are willing to give of themselves to help the community/society. It is not for personal gain or because the government is requiring you to give that of yourself. It is why in the history of wars where there was American involvement, people have looked to the US for aid. The American "heart" for people has always been great. There was a story about a french man when he was boy who could remember the differences between the Americans in WW2 and the Nazi Germans. He remembered the Americans because a soldier had simply given him a Hershey bar when the Nazis took everything. It is this same mentality that is in Iraq and Afghanistan today, soccer balls and candy being donated to troops by the American public purely for the reason to be given to the children of those countries. It is a sense of selflessness not commonly seen in socialist or communist countries.
  12. karensman08

    Wall Street Occupation

    Beagle, Right! In a free market society, BIS is able and willing to give those free addons, because (1) they can afford to do it, (2) have the freedom to do it, and (3) do it because it is a win/win: they keep the customers they already have more loyal and we (the customers) benefit from what they give us.
  13. karensman08

    Wall Street Occupation

    The addon example here in these forums is a good example of what I believe an ideal society could be. There is a capitalist/free market society that had developed, produced, and sold the game for a fair market value. And for the free downloads that addon makers provide, this is a product of thier own free will to want to personally apply their talent only to make a good product better. So, these downloads are something of their own charity and good will. If this was a socialist or communist site then each addon maker would be forced to make the addons whether they wanted to or not. Oh and... all of us would be forced to contribute whether we wanted to or not, despite our knowledge and ability (like me). P.S. - to the addon makers reading this, Yes this is a round about THANK YOU for your selfless contributions
  14. karensman08

    Wall Street Occupation

    Martin, Good point...
  15. karensman08

    Wall Street Occupation

    nettrucker, First off, yes I am American. I am in agreeance with you, I do often question our own voting system and whether or not it is "rigged." Even then, many of the politicians who get to the level they are in, I sometimes wonder if they had to have some sort of affiliations. However, this is all conspiracy beliefs, which most often don't hold up well in arguments. In the past several elections here it has really begun to appear that both political parties are aiming in the same direction. Only, that one is looking at more of a fast paced direct shot and the other is slower paced over time. Ron Paul, I believe is a viable presidential solution; however, sometimes I question his world politics. There are some major issues here in the US, indeed; but we cannot forget the global impact of our decisions either. I am truly still undecided who is the best candidate right now, but I do know who I definitely hope to not see after 2012. What I am truly concerned about is how everyone is so quick to rise up in arms for a revolution. I cannot see any good that would come from a violent revolution. All this rhetoric is what has been preached from people like Mao, Che, Lenin, etc. And look where those “leaders†led their nations. In each of those examples, thousands and even millions of people had to be “exterminated†for their visions to come to life. It is easy today for people to say give me this and give me that because it is a “rightâ€. But, resources are not infinite and not everything can be a right. Thus far, capitalism has been the best and most successful economic structure tried in the world. Socialism and communism have nothing but failed and resulted in too many people suffering. Most of the so-called 1% that everyone keeps saying, have actually worked their asses off to become successful. I do agree that there are many who have also come to their position by less than honorable means; but these groups on Wall St now are wanting to punish all and punish the hard workers (the middle class). The one who will truly gain anything through all this is the loiterer and lower class citizens who just want the freebies. Well I do not believe in freebies. Nothing is for free. Even in a communist society, you sacrifice all the good possibilities there are so that you can have your "free" healthcare and your "right to work". Why should the loiterer and the hard laborer be handed the exact same life style? How is that right? History has only proven that a communist society only breeds complacency. And if someone does become complacent what does the centralized comity (the even less than 1% power elite) do to correct such behavior? I guess my point overall is, be extremely cautious of what you ask for, you just might get it. At least in capitalism, I and anyone around me has the ability to become a part of that "1%"; I would just have to choose to do it, find my talents, apply those talents, and work my ass off to get there. Look at the successful millionaire actors and actresses who there “supporting†the Wall St protests. They found their talents and applied them and made something of themselves, but yet they will go on the attack against the small business owners who have been successful and are providing jobs and income and providing goods and services to the rest of society.