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    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    Why would people care if BI added a My Little Ponie's faction? It's optional after all.
  2. Windexglow

    Arma 3 Case Mod

    Covers should tell what something is about. Arma's covers do not. I remember when arma2 came out, someone made an awesome custom cover. ACU camo with a bit of grunge, it was simple and clean. It didn't have no ultra cheesy sweaty airsofter on the cover either.
  3. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/297721_226551277391610_192181357495269_578512_6366275_n.jpg Those sexy, sexy clouds.
  4. Windexglow


    GOD these pee mechanics are so unrealistic
  5. Windexglow

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    so real
  6. Windexglow

    Module graphics settings for Arma 3 Vote please

    Speaking of low fps, is firerate still influenced by it?
  7. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    http://media.steampowered.com/steamcommunity/public/images/apps/107410/6f71495eedf170861429965105ad4623f40575df.jpg I know the game is not even considered alpha, but oh god. I see why people hate the bug helmets now. I'm mixed in thinking they are blind, or they are mentally lacking. Either way they aren't seeing much because of those blinders.
  8. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    You're not alone. I can't play games without examining the textures, noticing laziness & cleverness.
  9. Windexglow

    Module graphics settings for Arma 3 Vote please

    One idea I like about the source engines is how they do the background. There are 2 scenes - one where the player moves around, and another scene that acts as the background. The background scene is extremely simple, and as the player moves around in the first scene the background also moves with him. In short - it would add realistic looking terrain at the end of what the player already sees. In arma there's a very fast fog at the end of your view distance. It could instead be smoothed over with this second terrain.
  10. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Maybe another gorilla leader. The guy who'll backstab you later and you know it, but you have to work alongside him anyway.
  11. Hopefully it'll act like a railgun and not a scifi rail gun (blue radiation, sparkling, laser trail, ectect)
  12. A bit anxious on it being single player only at first. On one hand I play mostly single player games so the extra work will make it a better game in that area, but strategy games are not fun if your opponent (ai) isn't good. And making a fun rts opponent that scales well is extremely difficult.
  13. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Raised ground doesn't really solve much. Either the soldier is going to be completely invisible, or still in plain sight. The lack of any detail at that range makes a leg stand out.
  14. Anyone mind forming a list of Q&A while they listen to it?
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  16. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Isn't tessellation done via the normal map?
  17. Ingame demos/playback options?
  18. Windexglow

    biological weapons

    my apm is 150 when i play arma2 and 400 when im snipin
  19. Windexglow

    Improvements to third person view?

    Third person does need to be fixed - of course using it should make you near worthless aiming wise, but far too often third person constricts your view to a useless angle. Mortars being the prime example.
  20. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    what i said about not posting :) edit: Include it in the twitter next time than.
  21. Windexglow

    Idea for a complex aiming system

    Than obviously the ideal (on paper) solution would be to have your character bring the rifle up - fireable at this point- than slowly fix itself. Moving, firing your weapon, shaking(explosions, tanks) ectect all would cause your character to adjust the rifle. Weapons would have variables that determine how easy/fast this is. A heavy sniper rifle should be very difficult, while a rifle with a reflex sight should be fairly fast. Soldiers would also have proficiency with each rifle (or class -- Blufor or opfor. Light, machine guns, rifles, ectect). Than you could have misc affects. How tired is the soldier. How much adrenaline. ectect. I think that sounds good on paper - but gameplay wise it could be a totally different story.
  22. Windexglow

    Idea for a complex aiming system

    I've never fired an assault rifle - what is difficult about aiming it? Lining the sights up? Getting the position right? Actually pointing it correctly in the direction?
  23. Windexglow

    Extended breaching Capabilities

    Oh god, breaching. We already have enough trouble walking through doorway with the weapon up. Hell I've died by proning in a hallway before..
  24. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    You know what else is really dense foliage wise? Going prone with grass around you. That foliage looks like a mesh anyway, not textured leaves.
  25. Windexglow

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I smell goty year too, but I think it's coming from the dumpster containing all the cod-clones. edit: It could be gpu error, as pure said. My old graphics card when it got dusty would overheat - some games such as Stalker would result in random pixels turning to random colors, kind of like an extremely light noise filter. But that wouldn't explain the organic-looking shape on that tank, or how some are bigger than others.