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    Eurogamer retrospective

    He really hit the nail on the head there. ArmA's just don't capture that feeling of loneliness and hopelessness that OFP was throwing out like candies. Even when you were in command of a squad with APC's, you felt so scared something might go so wrong and you'd have to run away. I can't remember the last time I actually ran away in a FPS instead of just quitting and restarting. I always ran away with my blood pumping like hell. Ah nostalgia hits like hell. :D
  2. chaplainDMK

    Sound track

    Operation Flashpoint had atmospheric music. The music in that game really helped cement the atmosphere. In all these years not a single game made me as scared as OFP when I heard the sound of tanks approaching from the distance with Armor playing in the background, I could feel the shivers going down my spine. Or March to Hell when you died, zooming out showing how meaningless your death is in the grand war machine. And the scene where US troops and a M113 attack with Dark Side playing. I think the music alone made OFP such a standout game. I mean the ArmA series is great and all, but I feel they sterilize war too much. OFP really made me scared, and the atmosphere was so oppressive and dark. It really helped you connect with the game. It didn't feel like it was forcing "WAR IZ BAD MKEYZ?" down your throat, it felt like the game itself made the atmosphere organically. Enough with my ramblings, you can insert music pretty easily IIRC, so you can get your Van Halen and the works. I just want the ambiance music to be good.
  3. chaplainDMK

    Future ARMA games

    I don't see this being successful. Not only do you need a tonne of servers for it to run stable, it would be only popular with the REALLY hardcore crowd. A Planetside 2 like system, basically permanent Warfare mode, would be interesting, but again, I don't see it being popular. But I would really like to have support for 256 + players so you could have major PVP actions without needing to introduce the brain-dead AI into the mix.
  4. Well ArmA has a lot of features that are not perfect. Namely almost the entire vehicle part of the game.
  5. The aim deadzone is utter BS, the point at which you are aiming represents where you are looking/focusing. I don't know about you but I don't move my arms/body left or right before my head. All it resulted in was unnecessarily imprecise and counter intuitive movement. The gun shouldn't be precisely fixed to that location by any means, but the aiming deadzone was completely unrealistic because it gimped your movement. And overall I agree that movement shouldn't be like in CoD where you can do 360 pirouette bunnyhoping, but turning 180 degrees should be relatively easy because at the end of the day you don't even really need to move your legs, but turning beyond 180 degrees should be much slower. And some inertia should be modeled, but stuff like carbines and pistols are light enough that you really don't need to factor that in.
  6. While that is very neat I'd rather leave it until ArmA 4 or even 5. It's very new tech which means there is no way BI could implement it effectively at this point (they would have to remodel the whole terrain to make various ground types have physical qualities, plus debugging, plus AI, plus there's a good chance it wouldn't work as intended, plus it would probably be crushingly CPU intensive in large vehicle battles) Overall I could very well hope to see BI implement weapon resting so that when the weapon is relatively close to any surface (not precisely on it because in real life you can adjust your stance much more precisely than in ArmA3) you would have some visual indication (an icon on screen for example) and a removal of weapon sway and significant increase in full auto firing. Also when before the weapon starts clipping through something it would first be stopped by the object for a small time (a second maybe?) and then it would be held close to the body. This way you wouldn't hide your weapon by accident so easily in a firefight. Now the main problem with this would be AI implementation, which I suspect would be next to impossible. But then again AI already has sniper like precision at times. Bipods should be modeled so you have a button that deploys the bipod (just locks it to a point on the ground), at which point the swivel point is the bipod, aiming would be like a stationary machinegun (limited firing arc) but when you would move left or right (A and D keys) the soldier would crawl left or right rotating on the bipods axis. Pressing the bipod deployment key would unlock you so you can move about freely. While resting the bipod would have increased performance compared to no bipod, but would function identically (when close to surface). This would probably be pretty easy to implement and would give the least problems if you ask me.
  7. chaplainDMK

    Ai thread

    The AI should definatly get a complete overhaul, evreything needs to be fixed. Infantryman need to be more agressive, but more careful at the same time (now they just kinda stand in the open... firing here or there), the vehicle AI needs to learn how to drive, and lets not get me started on pilots :/
  8. chaplainDMK

    Secondary Weapons

    Well this would be nice, so you could suit up with urban combat gear like shotguns, ceramic armour etc. when fighing in urban areas. But I think secondary weapons should be more like tools then actual weapons, so the shotgun would be used more for breaching then actual combat.
  9. chaplainDMK

    Damage model for static weapons

    Just have stuff like wheels fall off and the barrel slumped on the ground
  10. chaplainDMK

    Medics/ ect.

    Have ARMA2 ship with a full sized body manequin with all the equipment a field medic would carry with him, when someone gets shot, you have to operate on the dummy to save him. Real blood included ofcourse.
  11. Make it like Call of Duty, come to an obstacle and if you can climb over it will show a symbol. If you cant, tough luck :D
  12. chaplainDMK

    Ai thread

    I hope BIS makes a brand spanking new engine for ArmA 3. I think the idea of endlessly throwing new stuff onto a 10 year old engine (basicaly, its just the OFP:CWC engine i think) is fundementaly flawed. I know BIS probably doesent have the resources for such a thing, but I can always hope. :D If they make a new engine they could get rid of the awkward OFP era AI mistakes (10 years later, and they still cant freaking drive a truck down a road!). And they should get the guy that made the OFP:CWC & Resistance campaigns back, those were awsome :D
  13. chaplainDMK

    What is your favorite ARMA 2 Loadout?

    Someone should fix this lol. Its stupid to have M107 snipers + AT/AA launchers + NV + l4z0r etc... BiS should make it so you have like roles/ classes witch have limited weapons. Not like BF, but only so it restricts witch weapons you can carry. (no launchers for snipers for example...)
  14. chaplainDMK

    Stance indicator

    *press alt* oh look im standing, better crouch so i dont get shot *fuck... 1... is down* or... haha! now i got you little bugtard! *aims trough scope* wtf its all shakey and bouncey! *other guy turns around* oh no! im too young to die *starts shooting, misses totaly* *other guy aims, shoots, kills* *oh no!... 1 ... is down*
  15. chaplainDMK

    The Icarus Project

    Well i more ment like make a general outline in one village (people going to work, using buses, going out with friends that kind of crap) and the just use those methods in all of the towns/villages. Copy paste was wrong expresion... Myb rinse & repeat?