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  1. I started using the site module, and I noticed it has a cool capture mechanic if you set the "Interactive" field. Does anyone know if there's a way to check which side owns the site, or get an event trigger when the ownership changes?
  2. What unit are you using this on? If it's civilians, make sure "Independent" side is set to be unfriendly with whoever they are supposed to throw at. Also, if it's a unit that already has no weapons I'd recommend just adding the stones without executing 'removeAllWeapons.' I know you tried giving them back the 'throw' weapon but removeAllWeapons definitely kills their ability to use the stones. Anyway, if you do get this to work I think you'll be disappointed, because the AI can't throw for crap. They wouldn't even make a Little League team.
  3. That could be it as well... I remember there was a bug where after respawning with First Aid, the player would become invincible, but that was fixed. So this is a separate bug?
  4. So what's the difference between the original and the expansion versions?
  5. NorthStar

    Blur screen

    It's due to the "post-processing" graphics setting. If you don't like it then turn that off in your settings. Unfortunately it will also disable some other graphical effects associated with that.
  6. Seems like you could also take the reverse approach and do something like: {alive _x} count cupcakes <= 15 as a trigger condition for END, where the original number of civilians is 20. This approach assumes that you have a fixed number of civilians.
  7. NorthStar

    Tripwire Script

    What you have there seems like it would work... have you tried it in a test mission?
  8. You may also need to execute publicVariable "civ_casualties" if it is to work properly in MP. Otherwise each client will have their own copy of the variable and the values could get out of sync.
  9. That's quite interesting actually... I had been using SAD waypoints almost exclusively in the missions where I experienced the problem. Maybe there is a bug in the SAD logic regarding respawns? Guard waypoints work quite a bit differently, so if that is indeed the problem it would be nice not to have to avoid using SAD. I guess for now I'll try using a combo of Guard and Move+Cycle. Edit: Something else I just remembered... when I experienced this issue, the players being ignored by OPFOR were also unable to satisfy trigger condition 'BLUFOR present'. So it may be something more complicated.
  10. UnitPlay and UnitCapture sound all well and good as long as you have a static LZ, but won't work if you want a dynamic pickup or dropoff location. Same with waypoints, unless you move the waypoints around via script, which is as much or more code than what he has already.
  11. Yeah, the command is 'chopper flyInHeight whateverTheDefaultFlyingHeightIs' :D
  12. I was just working on a script to do this last night, trying all kinds of stuff, and what I ended up with is pretty much exactly what you have. Scripting proper chopper landings has been an eternal struggle even since OFP.
  13. I thought the point of attaching an IR strobe was to get a plane to bomb something that it normally wouldn't be able to target.
  14. I definitely had the issue in ArmA2, but only in later versions. Maybe? :p
  15. Hmm... it doesn't seem to work, even with the command line option. Edit: Nevermind, it does work... I just have a script that doesn't throw any errors but also doesn't work, apparently.