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    DDoS problems.

    The type of server/mission you run makes a big difference in how likely you are to be attacked. What kind of mission are you running?
  2. Well, as long as you close your client it will be removed from vars. Users who go from server to server with an infected Vars will just keep spreading it.
  3. It's injecting it's self from user's vars, and once an infected user joins your server, everyone else there will then also be infected. Closing the game removes it from your vars as far as we can tell. To say this is a massive problem might be an understatement.
  4. As far as I know, there isn't. Though my question is why not just let night run its course? Isn't the point of Wasteland Survival to well... survive?
  5. I personally stick with a combination of both, for ArmA2, I bought it off Steam, mostly because it was the best place to purchase it. The automatic updates for Steam is nice, but not necessary. One of the biggest issues I have with games on CD/DVD is finding them after a few years of them laying around somewhere. That and the clutter keeping 50+ games would be.