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  1. ottolexius

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Hello folks does anyone know when the apex contents such as weapons will release is there any words on it so far ?
  2. ottolexius

    single player respawn

    I have already tried this but there are some problems after respawning no sound of weapons at all + custom gears are dissappearing whether u do as scripter say or now + all the time character changes how to fix these things ?
  3. Hello people is there any way to create repawn script for single player mission editor ?
  4. ottolexius

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    same for me too seems spawn script is not working for v0,58 is there any news for the fix of this problem ?
  5. ottolexius

    Hellfire Missiles

    ok i used the gdtmod_helicopter_weapons.pbo but when it is opening it says gdtmod requires extended eventhandler addon so where can i find this?
  6. Hi to all I have a problem with hellfire missiles i can lock them but when i fire them they are not hitting target beside they are going straight when i play on servers they are working fine but when i open map and play for myself they are doing this problem what should i do for this? (by the way on server or on my game i am flying alone as pilot in manual fire mode in server is ok but in my lan game it is not)
  7. ottolexius

    Evo Blue and Hohei

    thanks for replies cuz i thought it was as a bug or something cuz before i never had this problem with other evo's when i choose manual fire.
  8. ottolexius

    Evo Blue and Hohei

    hi in my evo's mod hellfire rocket on helicopters are not working they are locking target but not hitting them is it a problem with evo or problem in my game ?
  9. ottolexius

    Evo Blue maps (i need help)

    thank you :)
  10. hello people i want to download all evo blue maps with all versions but i cant find them in anywhere can someone help me about this ?:rolleyes:
  11. ottolexius

    erro installed patch 1.03 and 1.04

    Guys i had the same problem.but i made it normal for me if you renamed your arma2 to crysis so make it ArmA2 again from directory and desktop and then try this worked for me
  12. your welcome cuz you were living a 8 gb ram problem. have a nice play :) by the way dont forget to close physicx from nvidia control panel it will be more better
  13. well I had the same problem also and i named my arma 2 exe to crysis.exe and added -winxp parameters it worked for me by the way my drivers are latest one try may it helps for u too :)
  14. well people i have 2x gtx295 asus also and when i play arma 2 in sli it looks so slow but when i play with 1 gtx295 its quite great and everything is ok with fps so what should i do about this i tried everything what is writing by the way system specs are: Asus p6t deluxe v2 mainboard Core i7 920 @ 2.66 ghz Chieftec 1200w psu 10gb ram 1333 (and my pc sees 8gb only if anybody knows why please tell me but i am not having 8gb issue) 2x Asus GTX295 Windows Vista Ultimate 64 SP1 2 tb hdd so what should i have to do for sli performance (and ram also) ? And about your problem Rocko i will try GTA IV with one card also and i ll write u here with my respects Ottolexius :)
  15. ottolexius

    SLi Support (Or lack thereof!)

    well thanks for replies but about OC i dont know how to make it and i dont know if someone can make it over here but i'll ask and about monitor i wanna buy samsung 22" or 21.5"(with hd tv one) cuz i dont have a lot place for big one.Now i have a laptop and i really started to hate it cuz of heating problems and so on but in my laptop i also can play in very high res. but view distance and filter is so low so there is no point to play like this and about the games i wanna play also other games relaxly too like crysis,farcry 2,terminator salvation and others. But for Windows 7 RC is it really good cuz as u all know when there is a new Windows there are always problems.