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    ArmA Squad Directory

    Name VMA Virtual Mercenary Army, Australasian vma.net.nz and contact: A6-intrudera6-intruder@vma.net.nz Status: Your status: Active & Recruiting R18+ we currently have 32 members making us one of the largest clans in Australasia. Good clan resources website/server/TS3 etc. Clan night once a week + social play.
  2. Reuploaded it and fixed the spelling mistake and add some slightly different footage.:cool:
  3. An Australian Army Recruitment video Armarised STNT0Dphdtg Thanks to: Australian at War M15YO Vehicles VMA Clan
  4. Frontpaged vma.co.nz Always wanted to say that, someone always saying that around here :p Awesome work as always!! :cool:
  5. I'll get some more of the VMA guys along for the next one. I posted the PVP in our forums and got replys like "If I want to play Sector Control I'll just play Bad Company". Then in the first 20 min I was getting all this bitching over comms. But then it suddenly went click and people got into P vs P mode. Now they can't stop raving about
  6. Main post updated with current info ready for Operation Arrowhead!!:cool:
  7. Made this Video using this mod! Found the Grey F-14 had LOD issues at long range it turns white so I swapped to the White F-14s. But they were awesome to fly and we spent a number of hours creating the footage. Thans for all your hard work guys!! This is a re-enactment of the famous inverted barrel roll engagement in Top Gun movie 1984. Maverick preforms a inverted a barrel roll above a fictional Mig 28. We did this using Arma 2 using the Ace SU 27 and F-14 Tom Cats. Visit http://www.vma.net.nz for more info on Arma 2. QMmU6AOg9j4
  8. Comparison of ACE Fx & War Fx and real footage. -QeK9HZO36o
  9. vmaclan

    WarFX Particles

    Here is a comparison of War FX & ACE FX effects vs real footage. I was curious to see this so made the vid! -QeK9HZO36o
  10. While in mission editor make a trigger for Radio_Alpha name it help or something and make it repeating. In activation put: [] call BIS_fnc_help Then in mission go 0 0 1 and a nice dialogue should come up showing all the functions and syntax on how to use most of them. This includes how to call compositions and put AI on patrol etc.
  11. I have found at least with my FTP software Filezilla that the ability to update ACE Server files already exist in the FTP software. I simply us Six Updater on my local machine which updates my version to the latest version. I then log onto my dedicated with my FTP software. I goto upload my @ACE & @ACEX directory's but tell it to update files that are newer than the one on the servers. It flys through the files missing out any that are not new. I switch my dedicated back on and ACE is updated.
  12. I have a windows 2003 Server and have uploaded the ACE folders via FTP but unlike every other mod I have installed this way ACE didn't work. Are there any special config file that needs to be placed anywhere? How does it get updated?
  13. I'll be adding it to my missions. Regards A6
  14. Wow if this is anything like I think it is this will prove very useful in placing AI in missions. So if you place a group in the editor and then play a mission that group of AI gets "minimised" till the player gets in range and saves CPU time?
  15. Thanks guys for your reply, we already had our suspicions :rolleyes: Its weird how it takes around 10 mins to happen and when we tested the missions with on a few clients it ran fine. It was when we had 10+ clients that after 10min all the crazy ness happened. I'll totally disable SLX and then see how things are.