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  1. thnx im also using arma-edit now before that, i did right click open with notepad and had to unclick always open with notepad reason of my question
  2. PhatVybz

    Adding sound

    sorry for my english this time..its not my type of thing to express i have a problem with adding sound..the problem is that they play like multiple times within a 2 second range after //is my explaination of what i did in the purpose to have sound ingame thnx for all help possible ;)
  3. im kinda new to editing and couldnt find anything about this here i go i manualy edited the mission.sqm file but managed to get it notepad file tho still with sqm extension how can i get it back like they are used to be advice me with tools or anykind thnx
  4. PhatVybz

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    try to first of all execute the server with the profile=midgard command the way to create you profile that will be found within the arma folder also server and basic .cfg files are to put in the arma 2 directory better not set a outside destination of the mainfolder even if you make different server setting just change there name on file as on target parameter i hope this helps..i know it helped me mine looks like this -cfg=arma16rd.cfg -config=server16rd.cfg -profiles=profiles -name=server -rankings=ranks -netlog -cpuCount=4 -maxmem=2047 still not perfect i know what i do wrong but every command works as i rewrite the profile paremeters(dificulity options etc) in server and basic .cfg
  5. PhatVybz

    ATi Catalyst 9.6 Download

    is there a way to increase the grafic memory cap as i have 2gb 6oo+mb seems low for those specs and my perfomance increase by setting video memory on higher sorry to hear placebo to me they run great
  6. PhatVybz

    Campaign was too overhyped?

    i didnt end the campaign yet but sorry Cold war was the best campaign ever in motignac with the song memory something was teribly frightened in my mind from that mission ..was like i had to hide and it ends like "the unknown hero of war" he would have been blessed by usa army but ran from them... like he had sins from the past still in the memory influanced by the bad dont ever tell anyone how i feel after that mision..because i would feel naked That campaign can kill someone...dead by cold war huray dead can dance :D anyway the new features on A2 campaign looks cool i just dont know what would have happent if i refused to do stuff like choosing i go back home or not rescueing the doktor and the molestrated woman ---------- Post added at 06:01 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:51 AM ---------- a gamemode is a gamemode nomatter if it comes out in other games to because it will be on arma2 we are really lacking ctf or shorttime based TvT games
  7. PhatVybz

    There is no demo!

    blue or red pill
  8. PhatVybz

    ArmaHolic ArmA 2 Optimization

    language="German"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=-4194304; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1680; Resolution_H=1050; refresh=60; Render_W=1737; Render_H=1284; FSAA=0; postFX=0; HDRPrecision=8; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=1867879553; nonlocalVRAM=2147483647; winX=9; winY=32; winW=932; winH=689; winDefW=1158; winDefH=856; Mine looks like this and im curious to know what the last 6 parameters are
  9. PhatVybz

    There is no demo!

    Hi, Posting in an famous thread btw aparantly there are arma2 demo available on torrents i asume they are fake?
  10. PhatVybz

    ATi Catalyst 9.6 Download

    for those with visual glitches ..did you try in target parmeter of the arma2 shortcut -noCB to me it fixed some glitches but they werent that terible tho was more shadow glitches
  11. PhatVybz

    Quad core testers are needed

    it runs 27 thread count and 18 working hard no matter what cpucount when on the editor 10X10 infantry group units fighting each other and sometimes some threads go disabled and end up with 24 or 25 thread otherwise my fps and cpu usage is same is this as it should be or am i doing something wrong i cant check the procxp while doing the stuff on arma but i have it in front of me while doing arma arma was windowed mode taking half of my screen and procxp taking the other half of my screen is there a way to create a log file with procxp?? also i can confirm that the i7 show 8 core but cpu 0 and 1 use core 0 cpu 2 and 3 use core 4 cpu 4 and 5 use core 8 cpu 6 and 7 use core 13
  12. PhatVybz

    Quad core testers are needed

    i did dl procexp but i have no clue how to use it and where to find the details you need can also someone confirm my question with a answer if device shows 8 cpu does cpuCount needs to be 8 or 4 on that i7 and its weird but disbaling HT is better for arma? its confusing to me to disable performance technologies BTW the latest ati drives increase and stabilize from alot the fps tho it seems ArmA locks fps at 60
  13. i7 940 at 2.93Ghz Ati radeon 4890 X2 crossfire enabled asus gaming rampage 2 extreme x58 Triple channel ddr 6gb the PCIespeedtest results : Device 0 :CPU -> GPU = 4.378GB,s on 536870912 bytes GPU -> CPU = 1,136GB,s on 131072 bytes Device 1 :CPU ->GPU =4,427GB,s on 536870912 bytes GPU ->CPU=3.239GB,s on 4194304 bytes D3Dbantwitch kegetys test: VM to SM download :359.89 mb/s SM to VM Upload :3596.26mb/s DPC latency: is not stable going from 25us up to 93us that is my absolute maximom in a minute betwee, 1 minute and 5 it changes to 132us after 5 minutes sometimes it increase to 250 us There you go
  14. it are 2 different games..i think ofpDR will be constant fast action= loss of realism the other thing is that ofpdr is more a comercialised game imo...kinda for people with less brain...easy to get into it.. there map is weird ArmA engine is trully getting old ...tho them gamemodes arent to find elsewhere and its getting old because we wanted it to be compatible with previous versions bis would do everything for hes fans fixing and eventually adding if posible i tried so many games that didnt go further then 1 patch and they never heard the gamers opinion alltho they had the forum for it... all those other companies have the lust for money ,cod release 2 times a year no?same for battlefield bis is totaly different ..they are freaks in what they do..they love combat realism with the good message and express there game love the 19th again 4 days to go and we will have hands on arma i got it in german and fryday in UK-english..i will probably try ofpdr but not one game did to me what bisgames did to me and no other game will beat that ever
  15. PhatVybz

    Quad core testers are needed

    so that means i need my target parameter on cpuCount=4or 8 ?? cuz device manager says 8 cores and gleek excuse me for beeing offensive