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  1. hey im looking for a arma 2 city map but i cant find?help me please
  2. Damagerix

    Just upgraded to a GTX 275...

    The HD 4890 is the best graphic map for ArmA 2.
  3. Can you add to them an thermal vision helmet something like that :
  4. Will be very cool to see SAS and ranger unit.
  5. Look like the HD 4980/1G is the best graphic card for ArmA 2,so i'm going to buy it.But the processor Intel Dual core E8600 is good?
  6. So if i buy : Intel core duo E8500 ATI HD 4980 DDR3 2GO I should be able to play on very high without lag? Now my current spec is : AMD athlon 64 3400+ ATI X850 DDR1 3GO Win XP Hahahaha
  7. Hello, I'm going to buy an new PC.What specs i should get for running this game on the hightest settings with a good FPS,and how it will cost? Thx. Sorry for my bad english