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    Halo jumping.

    Thanks alot, I'll go try that now :) Oh my bad, I forgot to ask, where would I place that HALO command?
  2. Sorry if there is already a thread on this, I'm having trouble trying to get a group to HALO jump from a plane. How would I tie a HALO jump to a radio command? Or even better a trigger. And lastly what is the easiest way to have the group start inside a C130 that is flying but they are not actually members of the squad? Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, this is a complete noob question, last real mission I did was in the original OFP. Anyway, how do I get a squad of infantry to start a mission inside the cargohold of a plane of helicopter? The plane would be flying and just coming into land. The only way I can seem to do it is if the pilot is in the squad with the infantry.
  4. Sorry if it's already been explained, how would you do a squad HALO?