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  1. A long, long time ago I created a script for Arma2 to spawn AI units by placing them in the editor, then the script delete and store them for future use complete with waypoints and all. But Arma 3 apparently removed vehicle inits, so this is a revised version. Not sure if anyone has already had the bright idea to fix it, I just got Arma 3 myself and is completely out of the loop in the scripting news. So I recap my original words: If a simple editor based triggered spawn script already have been done - well then this is a repost, lol! Example mission on Stratis (zip) The .sqf itself contain all the info needed on how to use it. For the mission, just visit the sandbags. Or poke the dead person. Some trigger hints still left in (mission only, not in the script). NOTE: No idea if it works in MP. Never tested in the original, not tested now either. Works in the example mission at least :p Original script on Armaholic - Do note that this A3 test version is scaled down a bit and just contain the primary spawn sqf, havent gone into details with the changes that ArmAIIholic did. Edit: uploaded as a regular zip file instead of 7z
  2. Murklor

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Some people insist on saying IA (Germans among others) instead of AI. I've yet to figure out what it means. Intelligent Animals? Inanimate Arses? Intricate Art? I dont know. But I know it doesnt mean Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Murklor

    Animation Improvements in ArmA 3

    If I recall correctly, BF2 didnt have death animations and then ragdoll - just plain ragdoll. Crappy ragdoll at that. It beats fixed animations in terms of fun factor (serious fun factor, lol), but its hardly realistic. Look at BC2 instead. It has improved ragdoll a thousand fold over BF2 (ie animations+ragdoll)... And it still look wierd. As another person said, I hope they implement good ragdoll or they really shouldnt even bother. If its BF2 style flail-with-arms-and-legs-while-flying-5m then someone will need to mod it out >.<
  4. Murklor

    AI don't use AT weapon on Vodniks

    Not really since the AI is blatantly buggy. You realize that rather quickly when you run up to a random stationary T72 that is seemingly without a crew... Plonk away a shot at its armor and the turret turns towards you. Yell "OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!" over the coms. And then... Nothing. Run around and watch the turret follow you. He doesnt shoot with the gun. He doesnt shoot with the machinegun. He doesnt move at all. He just calmly swings his turret around. This is just one of many stupid things that can happen when the AI have a battlefield lobotomy.
  5. Murklor

    fix the parachuting

    And deploy it 10m above ground as usual? The parachutes are extremely annoying and not jumping from so high is hardly a solution... Bohemia should really step up and fix the parachutes, create a hardcoded system that works for everyone and goes in line with the "realism" aspect of the game. You shouldnt join a mission and find insta-deploy parachutes which can be controlled, only to join another mission where parachutes take 4 seconds to deploy and cannot be controlled, and then join yet another mission where your parachute doesnt even deploy when you do a HALO.
  6. Murklor

    Why is AK74PSO considered as sniper rifle?

    Under normal circumstances, you might ask yourself why is there even an icon there? What is the purpose of this icon?
  7. Murklor

    insurgency PvP

    No the problem is that its a hell of a lot more challenging to battle 100 AI entrenched in a city rather than 10 humans where half is AFK and the other half is teamkilling themselves at the base.
  8. Murklor

    Look at this , the graphics

    Of course the graphics is nice and sharp - its a CG movie, not a realtime game engine. I really fail to see the point.
  9. I suppose that its theoretically possible. The problem is the addon restrictions - you wouldnt be able to run A2 in CO with OA units, but rather only OA in CO with A2 units, if you get my point. You could just try it by using the CO install instructions. Worst case scenario, reinstall both :p
  10. Murklor

    Why is AK74PSO considered as sniper rifle?

    Captain Obvious strikes again!
  11. Murklor

    co26 Domino OA [2.54]

    Problem is that the player is often WAY more powerfull than your average retarded AI soldier. With your own retarded AI, fighting retarded AI become unbalanced. However, the ideal way would be to simply scale friendly AI with the amount of players online. Such as these random numbers: 1-5 players - 6 man AI squads 6-15 players - 4 man AI squads 16-25 players - 2 man AI squads 26+ - No AI
  12. Murklor

    Why is AK74PSO considered as sniper rifle?

    Yeah you're right, its obviously the complete opposite. Is there anyone BUT civilians that carry the AK47 anymore? :D
  13. Murklor

    Helicopters and autohover!

    Arma 2 soldiers dont hold hands nor sing Cumbaya. But they just .Anyway, just turn off autohover and wobble the helo yourself if you miss it.
  14. Murklor

    Meaning of yellow and raid chain symbol?

    Yellow is essentially just a lag varning. Red is complete desync - you're not getting any info from the server and everything will rubberband once it syncs. With red for example, you can be upside down in a transport helo in the middle of a church, only to fly 2km away the next second.
  15. Murklor

    Helicopters and autohover!

    Autohover is only good when you need to be perfectly stationary from an already near stationary position, otherwise NEVER EVER USE IT. it has little point and will probably make you crash.