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  1. Flock

    Terrorattack in Norway's capital, Oslo.

    I agree, there is a picture on a forum that was linked to as :/ , it was shot from a long distance in a helicopter and is thankfully very blurry, thos you can see enough to see the gunman standing jus watching someone who's begging for their life. Saddest thing I've ever seen.
  2. Flock

    Terrorattack in Norway's capital, Oslo.

    I was unsure but i pm'ed a mod and let them know it contained details on how to make a car bomb. Not sure if that was the reason but i think it's understandable.
  3. Flock

    Terrorattack in Norway's capital, Oslo.

    Kind of sad what he wrote about call of duty I guess in this case cod wins over arma, as what he did certainly is not anything to do with military tactics.
  4. Flock

    Terrorattack in Norway's capital, Oslo.

    No, i just quickly read militaryphotos.net forum this morning which had some qoutes. I'm not certain but i think there was a document and his actual book (1600 pages).
  5. Flock

    Terrorattack in Norway's capital, Oslo.

    So apparently he had planned this for many years and wrote a book about the whole thing. Some of the quotes i've read are quite disturbing.
  6. Flock

    Cant see the names of other players

    Also if you don't have cross hairs on it wont show even when you center over an ally. This happens regardless if tags are on or off.
  7. :( My list be modded by abs some other stuff that no longer seems important any more in my current state
  8. Flock

    Greenman Games triggering FADE?

    Seems to be an issue. I just got an email saying it's a problem they are trying to fix.
  9. Flock

    So are you guys liking the free graphics?

    I have a lower end pc, (amd x2 4200+,8800gt), is there any way to get the lower textures on my Arma2 CO baf install? Or is it just the same as lowering the texture quality through menus?
  10. Right got it, thanks for the help guys.
  11. Careful guys, your walking in dangerous water, not showing any respect like that to codemasters property ;)
  12. I created three missions for Winter Nogojev‎: 1.1, if i understand correctly this is just a winter version of Kolgujev? If i exchange the unit classesnames and change it to require kolgujev would the missions work correctly; anyone please know? Don't have cwr demo and would like to know this so I don't use all my monthly Broadband to try. Regardless this would be a good time to say thanks very much cwr team, your efforts are greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks very much for the help guys.
  14. Hey but on myth busters i saw... ohh wait nevermind.