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  1. Glad to see more "serious" mission actually. I do make a few now and then for our group, but depending on the mood of us all, it switches between revive and respawn, and none. Good ol days of OFP, none of our FDF mission had any of that fancy respawn thing, and I have yet to enjoy myself as much as I did back then. So keep them comming mate.:D
  2. Cato Larsen

    Revive Script

    Ok, unless someone else hve helped you by tonight CET I will try to help you with the details. I am a bit busy atm, so laters.
  3. Cato Larsen

    Revive Script

    Did you try it in the editor or did you try it after using the editor and save it to MP missions and host it? Casu the revive does not work if you use it in editor, you need to host it. OR have it on a server and you "player" name, the name of the guy you are using needs to be called, "Alpha_1" or "alpha_2" IF you are using the default script. There are things you need to change and type in the script if you wanna use this for a full mission. And I would say that a minimum understanding of scripting is needed. Do you know anything about these scripts? If not, then PM me what you want or need and I will help you, as a thanks to the quick and good help I just got when I was stuck. Cheers, cato
  4. Cato Larsen

    Revive Script

    thank you thank you. So I was not that far away, well quite right. Class names. Sorry, but if you do not mind me asking. Where can I find a list of classnames for objects and such for Arrowhead? Is it as easy as adding _EP1 to stuff? EDIT: Sorry, I got all exhited and forgot to even think about searching that. Sorry and thanks a lot for your help. Cheers Cato.
  5. Cato Larsen

    Revive Script

    Hmm, ok I am going to add some more info. Still the same issue though. I have used this before so I am a bit puzzled. Mobile respawn set as per instructions dead on (atleast I think so, thats why I am puzzled) When I get in the vehicle and have the option to deploy the MHQ, the fuel drops and the Mobile marker shows on the map, but the camonet and the ammobox does not come. So the "fuel set to 0" in the script works fine and the "create marker" also, but could it be the _camo = "Land_CamoNetB_NATO" and case west: {"USBasicAmmunitionBox" createVehicle [_pos_vcl select 0, (_pos_vcl select 1) - 2, (_pos_vcl select 2) - 4];} That just dont work with Arrowhead? I am tearing my head off here.
  6. Cato Larsen

    Revive Script

    I gotta ask. Is there any reason why the camo net over mobile respawn vehicle and ammo box will not work?? The mobil respawn point works and the deploy and pack text is available and works, but the ammo crate and camo net will not be there. Using it via the F2 OA folk Also using US men and vehicles. It all works in ArmA 2 but cannot get it woring in OA. Any ideas? Any help? Cheers.
  7. Ok, cheers Fer. I was hoping it was a know answer to it :) Anyway, thank for the F2 mate. Good tool ones you get used to it. Cheers. cato.
  8. I gotta ask. Is there any reason why the camo net over mobile respawn vehicle and ammo box will not work?? The mobil respawn point works and the deploy and pack text is available and works, but the ammo crate and camo net will not be there. Any help? Cheers.
  9. Cato Larsen

    How to UNCOMBINE A2 and OA?

    Sorry mate. I am a complete tool. Btw I did PM you this but someone else might have issues so I will post here aswell. I have no idea what you mean here. Like I said, I am a tool and should not have ran it at all anyway :) Any way you can highlight for me what I need to delete in the spoiler?? ---------- Post added at 11:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:17 PM ---------- Again I am sorry. I just figured out what you ment. Links/shortcuts in the OA root folder. I deleted them. Seems to work now. Sorry for this. Guess I paniced.
  10. Hi. I have searched the forum and found only one post to this, but no answer. How can one UN-combine the 2 games after running batch to combine? I ran manual batch and cannot get it off again. I have a few issues after running the file. gettin out of vehicles after entering, OA campaign not working. Entry error and such. Hope there is an answer to this. Running Steam on both btw. Cheers Cato
  11. Cato Larsen

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    Thanks for the reply mate. I found an error in the folder path to me cfg files, so I got it sorted. I did not want to copy and paste as we still are in testing mode on Arrowhead. With all the merged, not merged, steam, dvd and so on, things going on, I do not wanna put things where it should not be and maybe get new errors. Waiting for 1.53 for a stable release and hopefully some issues will go away. Server working flawless now though :)
  12. Cato Larsen

    How to increase dedicated server FPS

    You can take a look at these settings. This is what I use on our server. It goes for ArmA 2 and works for ArmA OA aswell. Play a bit with min_bandwith and and the MSG stuff. The info on Kellys is very very good, so you should be good to go.
  13. Cato Larsen

    AmmoBox crash

    Yes, I can confirm that Beta has solved that. Most of the guys on our server had the issue, but after beta it is gone completely.
  14. Cato Larsen

    Strange hangup

    I am sorry to hear that. Are you on Steam or dvd? If steam, I am now using the "steam startup line" instead of having a shortcut to start from, just to mention that. Though it seems to work fine on normal shortcut as well. Both OA and combined works fine for me now. Using latest beta as "addon" starting from a shortcut from vanilla .EXE, not starting the beta.exe. Though I do not know what can cause your issue, (full load on GPU can cause issues with Win 7 in some cases I hear) I hope it will be solved in upcomming official patch 1.53 Sorry I could not help you any further.
  15. Cato Larsen

    Strange hangup

    After installing latest beta on my game, it works as it should. No freeze. Just to let you know.