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  1. Violence and bad language..........
  2. You dont need Bis to make a desert, many of the Arma 1 maps can be made to work just fine, if only someone could fix the roads, cos the new AI can't navigate the old roads for some reason? Couple of deserts for you.......
  3. Balgorg

    Jungle island using Linda

    Jungle trees do look great in Arma 2, this isnt an island, just tropical objects pbo from arma, works in arma 2.
  4. Balgorg

    The worst problem of all problems.

    Replace your ram with something decent, had this exact problem, and only new ram sorted it out.
  5. Here is the second part of my Special Forces series- Jungle mission part 2 hope the thread works, cos U tube deleted my last effort cos i put in a small snippet of Predator Vid, the bit where you get the thermal vision, I removed it now, so hope it dont get removed again.....lol..... Fingers Crossed ;)
  6. Balgorg

    Cant steer C-130 on ground

    You should see how the AI handles it.........
  7. Gone for the jungle here, with a touch of the predator !!!
  8. Balgorg

    Lp Sinching

    Thnx for the advice :bounce3:
  9. Ok i probably spelled syncing wrong, but hopefully someone will know what I mean. Is there any guide or readme that might explain how to make units move their lips to match audio? Is it a simple procedure? And does it have to be in a cutscene.
  10. My new Machinima Special Forces Part 1 Desert Mission Special Forces Part 2 Sole Survivor Hope you like em
  11. Balgorg

    Arma II Machinima

    I know movies are meant to go in another thread, but I think Machinima is different, as it tells a story. So thats why I start this thread. Please watch my first attempt at Machinima on the following links: Special Forces Part 1 Special Forces Part 2 Unbeatable realism comes in the form of Arma II, eat your heart out COD.
  12. Balgorg

    Error: Device freed

    Solved, problem is mixing mods in same folder, its better to seperate out the mods........obvious really.
  13. Balgorg

    Error: Device freed

    Anyone else got any feedback on this? Must be a reason for it?
  14. Balgorg

    Error: Device freed

    how does one run as an administrator?