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    try looking in the user misions part of the forum here. You will need to get the file hosted somehwere then post a link to it in the user missions section. A bit of advice, Don't post the same question in 2 different sections of the forum. The Admins will execute you. :eek:
  2. Hi all, Been playing with the uiox bulletcam script and I would like to know if there is a way to make the script only create a camera to follow the projectile if the projectile is going to hit the enemy?
  3. paulytrick

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Ok, Thanks Placebo, I understand.
  4. paulytrick

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Hello mods. I'm sorry to ask this but i just don't understand, Why does it matter if someone drags an old thread back up? Someone (probably a person who is new to the forum, like myself) may have a legitimate question to ask about something on an old thread or a point of view to give. Is it better start a new thread if you don't fully understand something which has been discussed previously or is replying to an 18 month old thread better? Thanks, Paul.
  5. paulytrick

    career path into making games for a living.

    Thanks Jakerod for the resources. Thanks Sith. Inspiring words indeed. I feel I have that sense of drive to go the extra mile and prove myself and if I ever feel I'm losing it I'll come back here and read your post again. Thank you. Paul.
  6. paulytrick

    career path into making games for a living.

    Design and code.
  7. paulytrick

    career path into making games for a living.

    CG School? Whats a CG School?
  8. Anyone got any advice?
  9. paulytrick

    chopper shootting

    Cheers Zulu1, you learn something new every day :) So is ther a way to force it to hit soft targets without editing the config file? * edited for typo
  10. paulytrick

    chopper shootting

    have you tried a script? give the heli a name and the enemys a name and call a script with something like this inside. heli1 dotarget enemy1 ~2 heli1 dofire enemy1 ~3 heli1 dotarget enemy2 ~2 heli1 dofire enemy2 ~3 can't guarentee how accurate it will be though. good luck, Paul.
  11. paulytrick

    Aim, Fire, miss.....

    Sound, thanks. I'll give that a go. Just one question, I don't fully understand event handlers, what do the bits this select 0 and this select 4 mean? Thanks a million, Paul.
  12. Here's my opinion for what it's worth (not a lot :p) There has to be a line between all out realism and fun to play. How do you create a realistic feeling and looking mission whilst still letting the player have fun? If an 3 or 4 SAS soldiers were going from A to B and they expected to encounter foot patrols along the way they would move very slowly and very quietly for hours at a time checking every thing in front of them for signs of movement and evidence of the enemy. WHo wants to walk through one of the forests in Everon taking hours to go a short distance? I know I don't and I'd be suprised if anyone else does. Similarly. If a patrol is ambushed and become overwhelmed what happens? the enemy creates a kill zone in the middle, hammers the patrol with fire and closes off exits. What chance does the player have of escaping if the ambush is to be realistic unless the mission maker offers him an unrealistic way out? Also, with such a large open environment like OFP, How do you stop the player from walking off to the other side of the map and avoiding objectives? fill the rest of the map with enemies? stop the game if he veers off too far? neither of these are realistic and I know that it's not realistic that a soldier would walk off in the opposite direction from his mission but it's possible that a player might. I think the best thing to do is offer realistic mission briefings, gear loads and scenarios and leave it at that. if you can do that then you've done very well indeed. If slogging through the woods for hours an inch at a time or out and out realism is your thing, my advice to you would be to go and have a word with your local armed forces recruitment office. :D
  13. paulytrick

    tell if a paticular unit has fired.

    Jey Rellikki, Just tried the event handler thingy and it works like a dream. It's gonna be great hearing the shout of 'SNIPER FIRE! GET IN COVER, GO! GO! GO!" and 'RPG, ROOF TOPS, 4 O'CLOCK' :) Cheers, Paul.
  14. paulytrick

    Minustah mod

    Hi Rellikki, Thanks for your support. I'll have a go at making them MP compatible. Are you looking for CO-OP or Vs? One mission I almost have ready to play test is Rolling into a Shanty town with Armoured support to rid it of enemy activity. I wont say any more, I'll just post a link to the mission when it's Beta.
  15. paulytrick

    tell if a paticular unit has fired.

    Thanks Rellikki, I'll have a go at that. I'll let you know how I get on.