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  1. Curious to know if anyone has been able to check the scores from afar?
  2. Amazing work thus far Mandoble.... Keep it up man. Looking forward to the open beta!
  3. Yea for sure, for the original poster maybe... But personally, nukes make this game really crappy and boring. However a JDAM could be useful. GBU's are all well and good, but nothing puts the fear in people more than a 2000lb bomb :P Does anyone know of any information as to how to do this?
  4. I think the hardest thing I have found when trying to accomplish this is making the visual effects different... For example, taking a GBU 12 which is a 500lb bomb if im not mistaken, and turning it into a 2000lb JDAM... The visual effect needs to have a bigger "boom" to it... But that is the only thing I have not yet found how to change.
  5. Schilly

    Hurtgenwald (WIP)

    Names on the map are spelt wrong... You should use the proper german spelling including accents to add to the realism... Seeing that it's just a picture, you shouldn't have a problem with character map. Just a suggestion ;) Otherwise, looks amazing thus far.
  6. Schilly

    B-52 Buff - Bomber

    If I am not mistaken, the RKSL Flares and Chaff do not blanket all aircraft... Their addon, has specific setup configs for each aircraft... The way the addon works from my understanding is each config sets where the chaff and such comes from... So no, this one have it as it is not a standard BIS aircraft nor a RSKL production.
  7. Been waiting for an update on this... Well done mate!
  8. Schilly

    AC130 Scripting

    The guns do not show up in the original addon either, this is for aesthetic purposes... So that there are not ugly guns just chillin under the plane. Hence why the AI is there, to show you where the gun positions are, or in MP purposes, playable spots to place yourself in.
  9. Schilly

    AC130 Scripting

    It is likely that the guns are there, but not manned. createVehicle does not put AI in them, but simply the vehicle. You may have to place the vehicles manually on the map, and name them ... Then do something like this for the init: _spooky = _this select 0; _gau12 = _this select 1; _bofors = _this select 2; _howitzer = _this select 3; _gau12 attachto [_spooky,[0,-3,-7]]; _bofors attachto [_spooky,[0,1.5,-7]]; _howitzer attachto [_spooky,[0,6,-7]]; Then for the init line of the plane do: nul=[this, gau12, bofors, howitzer] execVM "\ac130\init.sqs"; I have not tested this do to my being at work, but this seemingly makes sense...
  10. Looking sweet Fortran... Keep it up man.
  11. The question was simply if there is probability in it already... As I am curious if there is or not... As I do not quite understand the written code, there doesn't seem to be probability in it, however it also doesn't seem to be spoofing every missile.
  12. The spoofing posted above... Doesnt seem to work very frequantly... Is there a probability built into it that can be increased?
  13. Schilly

    Desert Island

    The only thing you cant place in the editor is flat, paved runways... Atleast not that I know of.... I think that's what he was meaning as a airfield, not really the buildings, but the paved runways.