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    Hey, I have read through and have not seen any mention of these directly in this thread, so here goes. When I play the vanilla version of Warfare (1.0) I can get the artillery to fire beautifully. However, in zWarfare, I can get the men to load into the gunner's spot and fire the mission in the correct direction with raised guns, but the shells do not land anywhere near the target zone. I don't even see the splash downs. I do know for a fact that the cannons can fire the ammo since the AI calls out ammo low after numerous rounds (and I have personally gotten in to fire the rounds myself to make sure they hit a hillside near the base, and they do). I have tested with 1, few, and many (up to 19 guns) fired at once. I have placed them on flat ground and on hillsides. I have also tried it in the normal ARMA and ACE Mod version of ARMA. Currently I am running the ARMA 1.16b and ACE 1.09 Am I doning something wrong to get the artillery to fire correctly? Also, have the messages and bounties been disabled? I don't get money for killing enemy troops or vehicles. I only get money for salvage and per/min cash flow. I have experienced both of these problems by myself on LAN and with a firend (who also experiences it) via online. Do I have a version or file problem? Please help and thanks