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  1. Shinobi575

    My Finest Hour

    Cool story bro.
  2. Shinobi575

    ennemy shooted me right through trees

    what terrible engrish
  3. Hows this for a screenshot, it was on DST's Road to Glory map, CAMP THAT FOOLS! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/Demon575/Bestscore.jpg
  4. Shinobi575

    Secret Island In Arma 2!

    i had so much fun playing FDF mod for ofp :D it was great.
  5. Shinobi575

    Secret Island In Arma 2!

    it would be pretty cool to have a PVP CTI that way
  6. Shinobi575

    Secret Island In Arma 2!

    its a bug when u start a chenarus map and then load utes island, i encountered it the other day.
  7. Shinobi575

    1.03 Performance

    xp 32 bit,35-40 FPS with all normal settings; and my system blows! 1.03 patch + a defrag seems a little beter then 1.02; thats just my opinion
  8. Shinobi575

    I am the commander, where is the team work?

    i was commander last night in a Warfare, i built the entire base , i even built up anti aircraft/armor pods, i even had the AI fucking man them. the entire team minus like 3-4 people were idiots and had no clue how to play so they start blowing each other up,i ended up just building 4-5 artillery cannons and launching them on our base & disconnecting; I was so pissed. I was killed/ran over in the commander screen 6 times by different team mates... so understand my anger :D
  9. Shinobi575

    Naval Combat

    We need an aircraft carrier like this one,
  10. Shinobi575

    Naval Combat

    There are currently a LHD, a Destroyer, and a frigid i believe. but u cant do anything with them as far as i know; other then the LHD addon, which moves allows it to be driven & moveable in the editor.
  11. Shinobi575

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    good tips right there, thanks.
  12. Shinobi575

    do your guys constantly grunt?

    this has happened since arma 1; if you are in a vechile & you hit something too hard or too fast, after the AI dismount they will start moaning like a dog in heat. its pretty gay.
  13. Shinobi575

    Why does CTF feel different...?

    Let it be known, if its not known allready; I HATE CAMPERS.
  14. Shinobi575

    Patch 1.04 suggestions

    Fix the game so people can stop bitching that theirs doesnt work..