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  1. Arma 3 is unrealistic in so many ways I don't see why we have to have such "realism feature" that affects gameplay so much. Example of unrealistic stuff on your perfect simulator realistic virtual reality i'm a marine game: 3rd person view You can kill a guy instantly with 2 shots on the feet but not with a 6.5mm war rifle shot on the chest. You can take up to 4 rifle shots and heal your self fine with a small bandage kit. Vehicles have hitpoints and no realistic penetration sistem. You can blow up cars by shooting on the wheels. You can fix broken jets in 5 seconds using "Tools". Same for other vehicles. Grass only renders nearby your screen, so If you prone under the grass you can't see shit, but the enemy player 200m from you can see you perfectly because he sees no grass. You can roll over with a quad and keep going like nothing happened. You can easly fly choppers and jets with keyboard. You can drive tanks, apcs and other vehicles with AWSD just like need for speed. Not even gear control. I could go forever...
  2. Well, I have 409 hours of ArmA III. That's quite a casual. BTW I like realism and simulation, but I also like gameplay.
  3. Agree 100%. They had the right balance between Realism X Gameplay and screwed it with this update.
  4. This fatigue / weapon sway is unplayable horrible now. I just had a game night yesterday with my friends and we aborted the mission and closed the game after waiting 4+ minutes (prone position) the drunk soldier get his aim straight. Please, guys, you got the Gameplay X Realism right this time with A3 (compared to A2), why screw it? I'm starting to regret have buying the dlc bundle since I'm mostly like not going to keep playing if the game stays like that.
  5. andreher

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    I don't know what world you live in, but playing arma 3: 19,668 - Playing Arma 2:4,564 just check steam
  6. andreher

    Arma3 Videos

    Retaking Military base. PvP TvT Action
  7. andreher

    Arma 3: concerns with latent issues

    Onde thing I don't understand is: Why did they made a pixel perfect model for an ugly and useless truck (the civilian transport) and we get a black screen with a small window while on a tank or APC (the main vehicles of the game). The bipod / deploy weapon on objects is pretty necessary too, specially in A3 where your soldier can't fire while standing at all, he looks like to have the parkinson disease.
  8. andreher

    Why this game sucks...

    I agree that join a community is the best thing to do, BUT I also agree with the OP. The default mission pack are too weak and boring. There should be A LOT more default missions and game modes so new comers would enjoy the game a lot more and then seek a community to play with.
  9. Hi I have played alot of Arma 2 combined op with my steam account, 111 hours to be precise. I stopped playing for like 4 months or so and today I was going to play again. But when I click to join, all the servers give the same error, Bad Cd Key... Wtf?:mad:
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    how to do that
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    ive send u a pm
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    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    wtf dude... stop saying BS..... its like microsoft encrypt their sdk, u wont be able to use any other keyboard or mouse in arma 2 but microsoft ones... how would u feel about that? thats what natural point did... their sdk do not allow any other headtrack device to work...
  13. andreher

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    this really sucks... i use free track for about 4 months and i was even considerig buying a trackir because their 6dof is better.... but after this??? wtf, i hate monopoly... i wish all the bad to NP, and i will never buy a trackir in my life!! trackir users dont want free track to work because they feel bad after wasting 180euros on something that i got for free... so they become jelous i hope the new OPF supports free track! I will mail them right now to talk about this monopoly and the number of ppl wanting to keep using their free tracks instead of payinga ridiculous overloaded price for a trackir giving strengh to this monopoly.
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    hi, i saw some servers running evo fun and evolution version 0.3... where can i download these? ---------- Post added at 11:07 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:02 AM ---------- btw, is there any mission with like a TDM, with respawn and veicle respawn (all veicles)... yes like BF2, there to download? i just want to play versus with my friends with unlimited respawns and veicles, just for fun