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    Wiki's Creations

    The download links to Operation Reichenbach Fall are dead on Armaholic.
  2. WarriorM4

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    Whatever the case the Arma series still sells well.It doesn't need changes to make it "user friendly".If its hard then some should use their brains and learn it.I don't want to see it turn into COD,MOH,or BF."Accessable" to me is a bad word and that philosphy has destroyed the mechanics of several pieces of software out there.(Rainbow six and its removal of the planning system comes to mind)It isn't all about Multiplayer either.Another huge plus for Arma is the editor and the vast amount of very well made single player campaigns and missions. Leave it alone.Take away whats made the series sucessful and you will lose the main base of customers.The reason people get into OFP/Arma is because they want something more immersive and realistic then the overload of hollywood style first person shooting games out there that I consider garbage.
  3. WarriorM4

    music in arma

    As long as the stick to the hard rock/metal style music from past games,I'd be ok with it.
  4. Well I purchased TOH this week.Having come over both from Arma series and many flight sims. First off I would like to see much better lighting on the helicopters.They aren't bright enough and just don't stand out.Flashing strobes are completely missing and it would be nice if the beacons flashed and reflected off objects like the ground or bottom of the heli.I also see no interior lighting for the instrument panel. Would also be nice to map the throttle to a joystick axe like a slider or dial.If this is already possible then I have missed it in the controller setup?
  5. I agree with you.The roads look horrible and the disappearing cars are also annoying but being both an MSFS flight simmer and an Arma player I can see why they did what they did for the sake of performance,flight sim wise.
  6. Nice mod but where do we people who use SixUpdater get it?I don't use Yoma anymore.
  7. WarriorM4

    Flight dynamics

    The last community preview is far from perfect.The flight model is still horrible.I hope its improved a great deal before release.If this is the state it will be in at release I will have to pass on a purchase.I think the flight model is very important.Since this will be considered a "simulator" it needs to be at the top of the list. I fly FSX to and the dodosim bell 206 for FSX has a great flight model.Some should try that before judging FSX.
  8. WarriorM4

    What's Your Setup?

    Running a Saitek X-52 and a track IR 5.Hope to have CH pedals soon.
  9. WarriorM4

    AI Squad Command - to be brushed aside in A3?

    User friendly?Whats not user friendly already?Ahhh,yes making the game less complex so those brain dead COD and MOH players can comprehend it.Sad!Sign of the times I guess.:rolleyes:The series has been very successful as is.Big thumbs down on this idea.
  10. WarriorM4

    AI Squad Command - to be brushed aside in A3?

    That is very alarming.Does this mean that BIS is going the way of console gaming and selling out its core base of customers who crave the complexity?If they decide to "dumb down" the software they are going to lose a lot of long time customers.I sure hope this isn't true. I do MP with Domination and Warfare using the ACE mod but the single player campaigns are very important to me to.I don't see them as tutorial missions either.There is a huge group of people that make them and they are very enjoyable.
  11. WarriorM4

    AI Squad Command - to be brushed aside in A3?

    If they take away AI squad control in campaigns or even MP it will totally ruin this game.Why do that when every facet of Arma before it had it?Iv'e been with this series since OFP1 and don't want to see this happen.
  12. I still see the helicopter sporadically shake every so often from the cockpit.Any reason for this?Its not realistic at all when it does that.
  13. WarriorM4

    PLEASE be secure..PLEASE....

    I don't experience any of those issues you speak of.Seriously it just sounds like fiction to me and its far from being an "old" game.VOIP works just find and so does teamspeak or ventrillo.Migrated to BF?LMFAO,the teeny bopper shooter.Their loss!:j:
  14. Anything but the current fictional junk that has been seen in screenshots.This isnt a console sch-fi shooter.Keep it a Milsim and keep it real!!!
  15. WarriorM4

    An American map!?!?

    MS Flight Simulator got its start in the Tacoma area.I think Seattle looks great so far but hope they do improve the ground textures.Be nice to see moving traffic and pedestrians to.