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  1. Hi Mandoble, when I use this code to ai launcher, camera does not follow the missile ,what is wrong, please help me. this addeventhandler ["fired",{_this execvm"cam.sqf"}] _projectile = nearestobject [_this select 0,_this select 4]; setacctime 0.5; _camera = "camera" camCreate (getpos _projectile); _camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"]; while{alive _projectile && alive _camera}do { _camera camSetTarget _projectile; _camera camSetRelPos [0,-1.55,0.08]; _camera camCommit 0; sleep 0.001; }; if(alive _camera)then{sleep 1.9}; _camera cameraeffect ["terminate", "back"]; camdestroy _camera; setacctime 1; exit
  2. Hello Mandoble, what is the code for camera follows a patriot missile from an ai launcher ?
  3. Hello Mandoble, I mean how to set an empty civilian car that can auto shooting east side? no driver in it and not tv type
  4. Hello Mandoble, could you make a sample mission about setting mando_gun_lite on an empty car please?
  5. yyccccc

    Kuznetsov CV

    I found in your demo mission the mando guns do not work ,please check if there is some error.
  6. I want to add "back" command to f35b command menu ,what should I do?
  7. I would like to make m16a4 shooting guided bullet,just like a stinger ,what is the guided script?
  8. What is the script ,if I press F2 ,there is a command "landat 0" in command menu?
  9. I need a command in command menu to order ai f35b landing on airbase ,please.
  10. Exemple (this only works if units are already inside the trigger, just replace east by the side that you want): Activation: ((((east countSide _thislist)/100)*30) <= 30) I try this code does not work, local variable in global space?
  11. what is the command, when all secters are red, player lose ,when all sectors are bule,player win the game?
  12. if((count list Enemies)<value) then{end the game...} I paste your code into on act. but it does not work.
  13. If I want a 2x in scale of M1A2, is there any script to make it possible?
  14. How did you make it driveable? how to set a runway on LHD for airplanes to landing and take off ?
  15. I try to paste it to init but it does not work, what is wrong?