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  1. flake

    Beta build 71275 is up!

    not played sp in a while. tried this beta and its amazing. smooth, looks great and plays really well and the jerky anims is fixed! :D
  2. flake

    Patch 1.05 Satisfaction Survey

    Disappointed to see this -> http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/3116 <- is still there. Still overall thankful to Bis for the patch!
  3. Still hoping that this-> http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/3116 <- will be resolved in final patch at least
  4. Good points, except for the car. how do you mean, hide a car in the grass? I am guessing that it's not worth using this beta for multiplayer yet as players not using it will still be able to see you in the grass(?)
  5. It's been a while now so expecting something interesting. Hopefully we won't just get [xxxxxx] Fixed: darker shade of green for leaf on tree near Zelenogorsk
  6. flake

    original arma2.exe

  7. don't think theres been a beta this week, has there?
  8. flake

    High spec server for rent

    1 core of a processor and 1gb doesnt seem very "high spec". is this all the arma2 server requires?
  9. hmm, i thought that was normal. are there really people who don't see fickering textures? i have ATI card.
  10. flake

    Will it ever be fixed?

    a week and half lol, it's a good thing you don't play empire total war. it's been 7 months and it's buggier than ever!
  11. flake

    Machinegun aiming

    the sight does sway, buts its still more accurate than standing still were the gun kicks and the bullets go up. more than simply animation of a kick.
  12. flake

    Machinegun aiming

    Fireing a machinegun while walking seems to be more accurate than standing still. anyone noticed this? the gun doesnt kick.
  13. noticed very odd skipping when moving the mouse in sp and sometimes in mp. turning mouse smoothing to maximum seemed to fix it