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  1. Also can you fix the freezes on Nvidia 2XX series cards please ;)
  2. same problem here, tried vista and windows 7 beta still same problem
  3. SRRViper

    Player ID

  4. SRRViper

    So few PvP serves?

    Just added a second server [sRR] PVP Server check our website for details or just add SRR to the search filter [Note] This is just a test server at the moment and if it interferes with our main server then I will have to ditch it. :cool:
  5. Any server admin is in his rights to do what he wants as he or his clan are the ones paying hundreds of ££££ every month to rent that server so if some retard comes on starts shooting stuff he shouldnt/ not following the mission they are doing and goes off and not working as a team and generaly anything else that would spoil the paying members of that servers gaming fun then they are totaly entitled to kick/ban the said player. end off!
  6. SRRViper

    Squad.xml logo File format etc

    I wouldnt know ive never used kegertys to make paa files. But I would suggest when you come on a forum asking for help you dont make sarcastic comments as you will find very little help of others
  7. SRRViper

    Squad.xml logo File format etc

    I was going to try and help you but getting sarcastic answers back has made me decide against it.
  8. SRRViper

    Squad.xml logo File format etc

    Have you got adobe photoshop?
  9. Their used to be one for OFP
  10. SRRViper

    What's with all the lollygagging?

    I agree get yourself a clan, I locked our server after 2 days of the german release due to morons joining so now with a locked server and a good bunch of lads we can get down to some serious but good for a laugh gaming.
  11. SRRViper

    Specifications to run a server.

    what arma.cfg you using [KH]Jman? Ive played about with it but every now and again I'm getting a Desync spike that lasts 30-60 seconds other than that like you say 30 player doesnt run to bad but I would have imagined if I ramped our server up to 50 the Desync I'm seeing would get worse Our server specs are Windows Server 2003 Intel Q6700 4Gb DDR2 Memory 100Mbit connection Also running Firedaemon with infinity set to all 4 cores and priority set to above normal Would be interesting to see what your nic settings are as well as a comparision to see if tweaking those makes much difference.
  12. SRRViper

    Specifications to run a server.

    50+ server with no lag = no chance :D Not with the games netcode you will be lucky to get a 30man server to run with no lag. minimum server specs I would say it Quad 2.44Ghz with 4gig memory but thats just my oppinion.
  13. SRRViper

    Server CPU charge

    Depends on the cpu spec
  14. SRRViper

    Can't get Arma 2 to run :(

    Create ArmA2.exe shortcut if you dont have one on your desktop and edit it by right clicking it and then click properties and then in the target line you will have something like this "x:\....\ArmA2\arma2.exe" -maxmem=2048 -nosplash -nosplash gets rid of the splashscreens at the start of the game. and try that