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    My Suggestion: K.I.S.S.

    Instead of going off on a thousand minor tangents, I think the best idea would be to improve the very core of OFP/ARMA. The benchmark for how good ARMA III's core is should be how well it can portray battalion vs battalion combat, not specialized tasks like riot control or specwar. There's a lot of games that focus on specwar because it offers Man Against the World scenarios, but only OFP/ARMA provides a good simulation of large-scale infantry combat. In order to improve infantry combat, ARMA III could do stuff like this: *Optimization for large-scale combat instead of small-scale skirmishes. This might mean sacrificing nifty gadgets or specialized A.I. routines in favor of the bigger picture. *Improved artillery/mortar/CAS support. Not just stuff like laser-guided bombs, but basic meat-and-potatoes stuff like mortar barrages. *Streamline transitions between different combat environments. For example, a company moving from a forest into a village should change combat formation, start MOUT tactics, etc. *Further develop basic infantry routines. How well do soldiers use concealment, cover, and covering fire? How well do they use air or artillery support? Do infantry and armor work together? At the company or battalion level of command, does the AI have a coherent strategy for the orders going down the chain of command?
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    More reasons that the "My tank is better" internet arguments are so silly. It doesn't matter if Country X has the "best" tank if Country X is too broke to field that tank in appreciable numbers, or if it can't afford to replace battle losses.
  3. Sertorius21


    In my experience from trawling the web, the most common variant of that is "If it's Russian, it must be the best." Goofy in both cases, as both Russia and America have not been in a full, balls-to-the-wall war against a roughly equivalent foe since the 1940s. Notably, during that war, both the Russians and the Americans effectively practiced tank spam, pumping out enormous quantities of mediocre tanks. The US produced almost 50,000 Shermans, the Soviets knocked out over 57,000 T-34s, while the Germans managed to produce 9000 Panzer IVs, perhaps 6000 Panthers, 1500 Tiger 1s, and 500 Tiger 2s.The Germans made some of the best tanks of that period, particularly the Panzer V, and a fat lot of good it did them. Factors such as ease of mass production, unit cost, fuel consumption, or maintenance cost per unit aren't exciting, and aren't likely to appear in nationalistic dick-waving arguments, but they are probably more relevant to evaluating a tank's hypothetical performance in a major industrial war.
  4. In all fairness, mistaking an M-4 for an M-16 is not as dumb as arguing that guns can't overheat, or that .50 caliber single-shot rifles are "just as effective" as Stinger missiles against aircraft, or that a T-34 is a better tank than a Merkava MK4. Ah, the wonders of the internetz.
  5. Sertorius21

    Independence Day 2 and 3

    IIRC, the RAF pilot actually says, with mounting surprise: "It's from the Americans! They want to launch a counter-offensive!" Keep in mind that he says this with incredulity in his voice, because only Americans are manly enough to think about striking back after somebody wipes out their major cities and millions of citizens. Also, I remember that the first film had a bunch of Jew jokes, so maybe they could bring that up to 11.
  6. So, it's a low-budget imitation. Am I the only one who keeps having visions of Soldier of Fortune 3?
  7. The bad news is that Sion has been appointed the new creative director.
  8. "Well, we wanted to make a distinctive weapon, so we made a Barrett which fires 120mm shells. We call it...The Lentonator."
  9. I'm eagerly anticipating OFP4: Frickin' Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams on their Frickin' Heads.
  10. So, it's basically America's Army except that you have to pay money for it.
  11. So if it stinks the first time you do it, the correct thing to do is to double down on your mistakes?!? This is the equivalent of a 5-hour epic movie about Jar Jar Binks. In the words of one sage: "He's gonna f**k you til you love him."
  12. Sertorius21

    Boy kills father after taking keyboard away

    I've played lots of good video games in my lifetime. For the life of me, I can't think of one that would be worth spending time in a Russian prison. A Russian prison, at the age of 14, on a murder rap for killing your own dad. BTW, on a semi-related note, are Russian inmates as rape-happy as American convicts?
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    John Rambo Vs Alan "Dutch" Schaeffer (Predator)

    "GET TO DA CHOPPA" is really all that I can say.
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    to: A preposition (I go to the store) or part of the infinitive (I want to go). too: Adjective (That cheese is too smelly) or adverb (The car moves too fast). two: The number 2. Re: "You can't separate to complete sentences with a comma." He appears to have used "to" wrong in this case, it should have been "two".
  15. Sertorius21

    Which guns do you own

    In the US? No, they don't have any special privileges. However, any non-felon above the age of 18 could purchase an M1 Garand. Factory-new models currently sell for between $1000 and $2000; However, when the US military stopped using the Garand as its service rifle, it liquidated a lot of its stock by selling old rifles to the civilian market at low prices.
  16. Sertorius21

    Guy looking to buy concealed weapons :)

    The gun needs to be holstered/slinged, at least in the open-carry areas that I'm familiar with. Actually handling the gun would probably get you in trouble for Brandishing a Weapon or Breach of the Peace. Also, a number of states allow you to open carry without getting a handgun permit (The permit only being necessary to carry the weapon concealed).
  17. Sertorius21

    Military Discussion Thread

    None of them. The Landkreuzer 1500 was the best tank design of the Second World War.
  18. Dude, six cores! Just imagine how big your e-peen will be with that many cores. :D
  19. Sertorius21

    Question about performance in demo vs full version

    The Armory just lets you play with guns and vehicles. If you complete missions in the armory, then you get access to more stuff to play with in the Armory. The Armory does not affect SP pr MP gameplay. In both SP and MP missions, you can choose weapons out of whatever pool the mission design thought was appropriate. Patches have fixed a lot of the bugs, and BIS has a good record of supporting its games with patches. The original OFP was released in 2001, and BIS was actively fixing and adding to it until 2004. Usually it's better if you join a clan or something like that. I don't play much MP, there's basically an infinite amount of stuff you can do in the editor, especially since lots of addons are being released. After SP missions? Sure, you can get a list of what units you killed/destroyed. You could track more info if you wanted to, but the mission designer would have to handle that.
  20. Sertorius21

    Which guns do you own

    Machineguns are regulated at the federal level, and you are limited to purchasing a fixed pool of weapons that was established around 1986 when the feds stopped registering new machineguns. That said, you may still own and transfer automatic weapons in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Despite the reputation of Texas among many people outside the US, it is actually stricter than a number of states in the north-central area. Many of those states allow virtually anyone to open-carry (Carry a gun in an outside holster), and Montana has gone so far as to pass a law declaring that the Federal government has no business regulating the arms trade within Montana's borders. Alaska is also a state where you can pretty much get what you want; gun laws are virtually nonexistant and it's too big of a state for the police to do much outside of the cities.
  21. Sertorius21

    Thirsk Island

    How big is the island?
  22. Sertorius21

    Codemasters Expands For Nice New Shooter

    Not to play moderator, but shouldn't we turn conversation away from The Game That Shall Not Be Named and back towards this nice new shooter?
  23. Sertorius21

    missleading meaning of language for non-native

    "if something inspires great pity - it means it is heart shaking" Yes, the implication of the word "pathos" is that your heart is shaken due to sadness or tragedy. So the pathos of the Warsaw Uprising is that the Jews were fighting for their lives against overwhelming odds, and anyone watching knew that they would ultimately lose. While fighting against all odds is heroic, the feeling of pathos (At least in the English definition) is inspired because we recognize the tragedy of people fighting a battle they must fight but cannot win. "for us (previously) shy, mean meant good and polite while self-confident meant "rude arrogant asshole"" Same thing is true in the US. "Self-confident" went from a neutral, or even negative, definition to a mostly positive definition in modern times.
  24. Sertorius21

    missleading meaning of language for non-native

    "Pathos" means "something that inspires great pity". The emotion implied is very strong, but that doesn't mean that it's positive. Your dictionary doesn't seem to describe "pathetic" as being a positive word. It is usually neutral or negative: "The pathetic child sat on the street corner, freezing in the rain". Here "pathetic" just means that the child inspires strong feelings of pity or sadness. "Pathetic" can also be used to mean "wimpy" or "shameful". It's actually less of a negative word than it often seems. The solid definition of "pathetic" really means "inspiring pity". If a child inspires pity, we see that moment as sad; If a grown man inspires pity, we are more likely to simply think that he is a loser. And the dictionary isn't necessarily "twisting" any words. English is loaded with words with contradictory meanings. A lot of words have old or archaic definitions which, while not used in common language, are still technically considered legitimate definitions.
  25. Sertorius21

    missleading meaning of language for non-native

    1. If someone is lying on something, then what they are lying down on will always be specified (At least in American English): "He is lying on the bed", "The book is lying on the table", "We are lying down", "The body is lying in the casket. The preposition will probably be something like: on, in, aboard, upon... If "lying" is defined as "telling falsehoods", then the subject will either be lying to someone or will simply said to "be lying": "He is lying to her", "She is lying". If it's said that "X is lying", and nothing else is said, then the presumed definition of "lying" is "telling falsehoods". 2. "Pathetic" is presumed to be mean "Small", "helpless", "Shameful", "pitiful", or other such things. I've never heard it used in a different way.