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  1. The Mission, after i´ce kompletet manhatten i mean the mission where u ve to reche the extraction point, after the ivans have overrun the base. how and who is there shooting from which direction on me? everytime i tried, ich got killed while i never ve seen any attacker - i stuck at 7.500 meters to the extraction point thanks 4 tips and hints is this a mayor bug becAUSE i didnt shoot the attackrs at the house on the start where i ahd to take the intel an than bomb it?
  2. Schlomo

    Manhattan 2

    a link is a quite nice thing i think, perhaps i ´ll find it than i guess there are no threads depending on bitter cold
  3. Schlomo

    Manhatten Bug List

    how can i skip missions? which keys i´ll have to assaign 4?
  4. Schlomo

    so its out?

    realese in germany für betatesting - i think so, because a release with so many bugs cant be a goldversion release in uk us in the middle of june