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  1. has anybody got this already working? maybe with relative paths?
  2. aeroson, is this working without adding a backpack?
  3. Hey guys, as i was pointed here i try to put up my question again. Is it somehow possible to gibe a unit in the editor 2 radios? Thats what i tried: this addItem "ACRE_PRC148"; this addItemCargo ["ACRE_PRC343",1]; But then you are only left with one 148 in the radio slot. The other way - if i go to a radio crate an add a 148 to my inventory, i get a 343 in the radio slot and a 148 in my vest. I can cylce through both radios and communicate with them. But i think it would be odd if i place a radio crate in a mission... looks weird in an infiltration ;) so is there already the possibility to add a second radio to a unit? thanks in advance wayan
  4. Thats odd, because when i put an acre box in the Mission, and i take a radio into my vest, then i have two radios between which i can cycle around... one being in the radio slot, one being in my vest :/
  5. Wayan

    Some questions

    As i am still new to editing i just can answer your number 4 You need to provide a description.ext file in maybe a "sound" folder in your mission. Then you put in your radio messages. here is an example from my actual testing... (title is what is displayed in sidechat) class cfgRadio { sounds[] = {}; class radioAcc { name="radioAcc"; sound[] = {"\sounds\acc.ogg", db-10,1.0}; title = "Hier Landungstruppe, bestätige die Übertragung, beginnen mit der Landung. Ende."; } class radioSmoke { name="radioSmoke"; sound[] = {"\sounds\smoke.ogg", db-8,1.0}; title = "Alpha 1 und Alpha 2 für Landungstruppe, die Landezone wurde von ansässigen Widerstandskämpfern mit orangenem Rauch markiert. Ende."; } } now you can do on a trigger activation [West,"HQ"] sideRadio "radioSmoke"; then you will get a message from HQ playing your sound and displaying your text in sidechat radio upon trigger activation. greetz wayan
  6. Hello editing freaks :) As I am new to ARMA editing and ACRE, i am trying to ad a 148 and a 343 radio to a unit. The first question is: is it enough to add a 148 because the 343 is standard for all troops? And there results my second question.... how to add this damn thing ^^ i tried this addItem ACRE_PRC148; -> nothing this addItemCargo ACRE_PRC148; -> nothing this addVest ACRE_PRC148 -> nothing :( so is there a small hint on doing this? Thank you very much in advance Wayan edit: uhm.... that was i typo.... at least i got it to add one Radio.. i did this addItem "ACRE_PRC148"; this addItemCargo ["ACRE_PRC343",1]; so now i have a 148.... but no 343 if i do 2 times "addItem" i only got the first radio in my radio slot, but nothing more in the inventory... So this is still unclear to me :)
  7. have you tried to set it to repeatedly?
  8. Sorry, but this is not working :-/ what i tried now: i unsynched the requester module with the player. on a trigger i put: supportReq synchronizeObjectsAdd [p1]; but everything i get is "missing ;" and pointing after "supportReq"... edit: thats a copy and paste error... i forgot an "s" in the synchronize command.... but its still not working, i can't request support, so it seems the requester module is not being synched to the player.... nevermind - i got it -.- was a typo so if anybody else want to do this: put the line "SUPPORTREQUESTERNAME synchronizeObjectsAdd [uNITNAME] in a trigger ;)
  9. reporting back: works like a charm :) Thanks very much! :D
  10. There are 2 mortar units placed on the map which the player group can let fire at cursor position. Now i want to achive that they can't do this the whole mission long, only when they reached a particular spot in the map.
  11. Hi Guys.... *sigh* it's me again.... At least i easily managed to get an artillery suppoert with mortars in my MP mission. No i have the problem that this support is available all the time. I want the support to get available with a trigger, is that possible at all? In my case a helo lands in a designated spot, when his crew crosses a trigger a want the artillery module to be available... Thanks in advance Wayan
  12. Thank you at first, i will try it when i am home :)
  13. Oh, i think i encountered a problem... I want to use this Mission as a Multiplayer Mission, but when not all 4 Groupmembers are used the heli wont start... because we are only 2 guys :( Is there any possible solution edit: i googled around a bit more and found an example that does exactly the same, and there it is said that it also works in Multiplayer without out all slots being occupied and with disabled AI.... so... why is it not working for me :(
  14. Cool that works! Thank you very much, was this because of the trigger didn't fire properly?