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  1. TangoRomeo

    War with Iran.

    Looks like the article got pulled already. Whoever wrote it was probably referring to "Operation Opera" in 1981, not the aerial campaign of the 1st Persian Gulf War.
  2. TangoRomeo

    War with Iran.

    Israel vs the United States and Iran
  3. TangoRomeo

    Head Bob...how many use?

    Cool cinematic effect, but i prefer to leave it off while playing.
  4. TangoRomeo

    StuG III recovery..

    Wonder where the Stug is now.:confused: The canadian "Tank overhaul" series featured some WW2 vehicle restorations, among them the restoration of a completely wrecked Panther, recovered from a riverbed in poland. Pretty impressive. RYq0jaaEu48 H64zVoUl8As I5RnENLlFCw Q8D6PN7cz08 dhyOSUnXHBI
  5. TangoRomeo

    War with Iran.

    You could take a look on the map, or read "The Grand Chessboard" by Brzezinsky. Make your own conclusions.
  6. TangoRomeo

    Best way to "clear house" AI?

    I mostly use GL and handgrenades. Took just a couple of seconds to clear the airfield tower in the first campaign mission, without entering. Otherwise lean and slicing the pie, which is awkward, since A2 is devoid of anything resembling fluid motion. Add low fps and a good chance of getting stuck somewhere, and you have the receipe for failure. I do not bother taking Team AI inside, they tend to just get in the way and react too slow.
  7. TangoRomeo

    Over 90,000 US Military Records Leaked

    At some they even wanted to hand out a "courages restraint medal" .. did that actually happen? For the rise in casualty figures, also consider foregoing troop surges, creating a target rich environment.
  8. TangoRomeo

    Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah 'worse than Hiroshima'

    In construction, asbestos is primarily used as an insulation material.
  9. TangoRomeo

    Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah 'worse than Hiroshima'

    There are no construction guidelines or rules applying to asbestos usage in Iraq. The destruction of buildings will result in larger quantities of asbestos getting airborne, and subsequently inhaled and/or ingested. Similar with DU, an intact shell lying somewhere is not acute. DU dust particles and corroding shells are the main threat. DU particles make no distinction between enemy/friendly combatants and civilians. The argument against DU is an argument against this special- and replaceable type of ammunition. Just as an argument against C weapons is just that. With 2 successive wars Iraq had about all the DU-Democracy it can stand.
  10. TangoRomeo

    Questionable video on war.

    If you can get over the flamboyant homo-erotic presentation, it's a dramatized reflection on the contradiction of values, and preselected sound bytes "from the front", getting force-fed to an easily deceived public at home, and the sobering reality behind becoming an asset to project Big Oil and Wall Street fantasies onto other nations by force of arms, with impunity. puavbn0W4dI A more prominent example for a change of mind would be Pat Tillman, who also became critical of what he was doing and whose interests he was actually serving. Imagine someone as iconized and with a media presence like him coming home, speaking his mind on prime time. That didn't happen. Among the smokescreen tossed on the circumsstances that led to his death, there was also an effort trying to discredit and silence his family afterwards. neGq6EH0WAE Mutiny in the SAS? Bad hair day? A few days ago the former MI5 Director General came out with shocking news that the threat assessment for Iraq was generally categorized as low, prior to the invasion. The direct result of the Invasion being an increased terrorist threat and radicalisation of young muslims. Who would have thought of that, I never would have made that connection ... "serving your country" has been long put out of context, and is a misleading term for executing the will of special interest groups within Governments and transnational corporations, which are intrinsically interwovenwith each other. The Bush administration represented Big Oil, Obama and crew serve the interests of Wall Street. Unless you're part of the financial elite; a shareholder or suit working in the higher echolons of the defense-, or oil industry, you are not profiting of their overseas adventures, infact you're footing the bill in more than one regard. The bulk of people joining the military also do not have the luxury of considering ideological sentiments before enlisting. Their reasons are far more practical by nature, infact for many it's the only viable option to get a job/education. Hannah Arendt, a jewish intellectual said on SS-OStbf Adolf Eichmann that the trouble with him was that so many were like him, and that the many were neither perverted nor sadistic, that they were, and still are, terribly and terrifyingly normal. From the viewpoint of our legal institutions and of our moral standards of judgement, this normality was much more terrifying than all the atrocities put together. Eichmann was responsible for organizing the deportation and killing of millions of jews in europe.
  11. TangoRomeo

    Where is everybody?

    Yepp. It´s 0145 a.m., outside temp is 24°C, room temp around 28°C (attic apartment). Last couple of weeks we had daytime temps closing 40°C in Germany.
  12. Once you accept that it's not possible to recreate "realistic" close up muzzle blasts on your audio setup, it becomes a matter of immersion and balance, of sounding "ok" at variable distances, while trying to maintain some characteristic sound of the original. BI uses dry samples, w/o long trailoffs - adding to the impression of a rather small and "mute" event. Many soundmods do have pronounced treble and mids, partially due to recording source (Youtube, Vimeo etc.). The drawback being that even at long distances it will sound as if the gun was fired in a gigantic tin can right next to the observer. The good thing is you have a choice.
  13. TangoRomeo

    War with Iran.

    ;) I´m as much against illegitimate and immoral actions undertaken by the US Gvt. present and past, as i´m against our own. Doesn't make me anti-american or anti-german - i´m just not cheerleading it.
  14. TangoRomeo

    Get plane weapons right.

    I´m positive some mod will rectify some, or all issues you metioned.