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  1. BarBarosso

    High pings @ Arma2 1.07 & OA ?

    Me to problem lag, my 1mbps connection speed. AO-Arma2 online game high download rate always have to be a problem. :mad:
  2. BarBarosso

    1337 ctfm tetris

    Thanks dob ^^
  3. BarBarosso

    CAA1 public release

    Friends |ToK| server online CAA1 addons expect those who want to play. Play ArmA II (Beta) with CAA1 Game PUBLIC Server:|ToK| Turk Arma2|Sahrani Sunucusu-addon Server Game Type:ArmA Armed Assault 2 IP Address: Slot:64 Status:live Added On: CAA1
  4. BarBarosso

    DST Capture the flag [ctf] map pack

    Great Works !!!!!!!! Thank you for your interest CTF Maps. I'm looking forward a new map.
  5. BarBarosso

    DST Capture the flag [ctf] map pack

    Great interest to see you maps , |ToK| CTF Server 7/24 play DST map good works . Edit DST map pack slot number 64 players , We expect the new map you will be better if 64 slot. |ToK| BarBarosso
  6. BarBarosso

    Error Direct3D 9

    Update Directx http://download.softpedia.com/dl/37a0089608bc7ac41967ad8641250139/4a5e609b/100003545/software/os_enhance/directx_mar2009_redist.exe
  7. Arma2 new names = Crash2 I played 30 minutes dont crash game , I'm feeling lucky
  8. BarBarosso


    Texture Detail - Normal Video Memory -High Anisotropic Filtering - Normal Terrain Detail - Normal Objects Detail - Normal Shadow Detail - High PostProcess Effects- High Fillrate -%125 Vsync : On Cpu - E8500 OC (4.250Mhz) Ram - 2 x 2GB DDR2 1066 () OCZ HPC GPU - ATI HD4890 1GB (@1000Mhz GPU -@1125*4 Ram) Resolution - 1280 x 1024 OS - Win7 RC x64 Score - 4750,52