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  1. never found the waepon smuggler either. wasnt required to complete the campaign though. make sure you acctually read the notes and you should find everything.
  2. anyone got a WORKING mirror? all the listed mirrors are dead. and the main download has a whooping 20kb/s
  3. okarr

    x52 help?

    i have mapped everything in game for now which is ok but a real profile would be better. just havent had the time yet to make one myself.
  4. didnt notice that one. thanks mate :)
  5. i m sure this is really simple .. how do i get AI to start over at waypoint 0 after completeing a set of waypoints? i want to make some patrol patterns.
  6. i think your syntax is wrong. for the flare it should be _unit fire ["GP25Muzzle","GP25Muzzle","FlareRed_GP25"]; thats how it worked for me iirc
  7. okarr

    Recommendation on Keymapping?

    some really good mapping ideas in that link. cheers. one part i disagree on though is that leaning/rolling is less important. especially rolling left right is absolutely essential for me. 1. to get save 2. to roll flat the grass infront of you so you acctually see something :D
  8. just do yourself a favour and dont do the tutorial missions unless they are fixing it in the upcoming patch. i did them and left them more confused than educated :D i think i died 4 times on the heavy weapons range and to this day i dont know why :D
  9. reveal target only works if you are squad command though, doesnt it? i have had good results in the SP campaign my problems are/were more with MP Coop. i guess i just have to get more team work going on the servers i play. i guess you all know these situations were one AI takes out 5 or 6 people in a row and every one on TS just goes "WTF, where is the guy" i found the best thing to do in such a situation is to come back as the door gunner on the huey and blast the little shit from up high :D (given that you have taken care of the shilkas and tunguskas :D )
  10. fire definately works. just need to be sure that you initialise the unit with a weapon that can shot flares and with flares in the inventory. i ve created a few squads that throw smoke grens on to cover themselves while crossing a field. it looks awesome, eventhough the dotarget or dowatch doesnt seem to work too well for this. you also need to make sure that your unit is not running/spriting. they need to walk or stand still in order to shoot the flare.
  11. i acctually have a triple head 2 go but i m missing the third monitor (in for repairs). :D
  12. thats what i find myself doing already. the frustration knows no bounds though if after 15 minutes of crouching tiger hidden soldier all you hear is pop and thats it. especially when you scanned every square inch on a 180 degree angle for the next 2 kilometers ahead :D i think i will switch back to the red dot settings to give me a fighting chance :)
  13. following problem... 90% of the time i die to something that i have not even seen. i guess i m not alone with this and the fact that AI does not have to stand up to shoot through vegetation is one part but the other ... what are your tips and tricks to better situational awareness? i always proceed cautiously, i scan whats ahead of me, i move slowly if there is the slim chance of enemies about, i use the map to check for anything red (bit unrealistic but so be it). what other tricks are there. it is so bad sometimes that i know i m being shot at, i can figure out the rough direction it is coming from but still i can not see it :(
  14. okarr

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    ended up ordering from the US. worked it out that with the cheap dollar i m still better of buying from the US than from CH. the trackir without click is almost 100CHF more than US. factoring in the gst and import tax this comes cheaper still. EU with the stronge Euro and rather strong Pound was not an option. at least not for Switzerland.
  15. okarr

    Helicopter controls help?

    what about the difference between strafe and roll though. there are different mappings for those (not turning with tailrotor). what does this model. i dont think i have seen this control axis before in flight sims and i m not sure which one is the correct one to use. roll or strafe.