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  1. FraG_AU

    Running Arma2 from SSD

    Yeah looking forward to installing win7 on a new SSD, just waiting on the next gen SSD to become avail from intel =) Performance should negate some of the bad memory management of Arma 2.
  2. Curious as to how 5870 and 5870CF performs in Arma 2. If anyone can run some numbers? 1900x1200 min :)
  3. FraG_AU

    Nvidia 191.03 (BETA)

    I'll wait.. Still tossing up the stupidity of quad SLI vs Tri Fire 5870s.. Really wants the X2 with EyeFinity but impulse is more "fun"
  4. FraG_AU

    Nvidia 191.03 (BETA)

    In my opinion Forget PhysX, (Only reason I side-graded to GTX295), aside from Mirrors edge nothing has made me see the point. No doubt there will be an industry standard PhysX API and all this shit will be useless (I can only hope). I would love to see some comparisons on your machine as you are running an almost identical system to mine (from memory). I think the 5870 is faster in Arma 2 than GTX295 once you turn up details and res but only review i have seen that used arma 2 was HardOCP (where the 5870 was well above gtx285) EDIT: As for fan noise I play with some good Headphones so really dont hear them too much.. And i ran a 2900XT and didnt have any probs... LOL there is always some benefit to being deaf
  5. FraG_AU

    Nvidia 191.03 (BETA)

    Just grabbing now... nvidia better convince me not to switch to ATi :) a Pair of 5870s is looking fine, esp since Arma 2 is pretty much the only thing I play.. But a ~12% (I care about min not avg) would be a nice gain..
  6. I did mate, but also read somewhere that you were using an SLi patch on top, which is why I asked/said that from my 100x attempts straight driver worked best. But yeah as said 1000x seems to vary so much for people with Arma 2 and performance ...
  7. I have not had one issue with 190.38 onwards. Infact aside from great Arma 2 performance I have great performance across all my games with this driver.. as you say tho everyone is different so my golden egg could be your rotten egg. Wow, perhaps I should dust of windows 3.11? And the 486 dx2 66? Windows 7 has shown to have significant improvements from Vista, best off all ITs still FREE at the moment, and much better with next gen HW then the old Win XP and its amazing but people actually like to try new things. If you're happy with your HW and OS then I am very happy for you, but save the lesson for others!
  8. I'd like to say that installing the SLi patch over 190.38+ drivers is a backward step. And I would recommend AT least 190.38 for SLi and win7 as there is no need for any -winxp flags or renaming of exes.. I have had the best success with Win7 & Arma2, only issue I had to contend with was the stutter that is introduced when HT is on with i7 (So i turn it off in the bios),.. anyway I found that crysis.exe trick gave lower fps then arma2 when using 190.38s.
  9. Hi mate, is your system OC'ed? What voltages are you RAM/CPU etc set to? Have you unblocked the ports properly in vista for this game? Have you ran virus scan? Weird problem seeing as you have SP working... I always had issues with SP and seldom any issues in MP. One thing I can say tho is that the GPU works "harder" in MP as the CPU bottleneck is dimminished. So perhaps try to run with a fan profile that speeds it up say 75% and see if it helps? Also I presume all your other games run sweet? Reason I ask is that you didnt mention your PSU? I have similar system, and all my issues were performance related rather then crash/freeze. I know some of my suggestions are "out there" but its a process of elimination.
  10. FraG_AU


    1.03 patch results anyone?
  11. FraG_AU

    viewdistance and other dissapointments

    Sorry, when you say that computing power has not advanaced in the last decade i almost fell off my chair.. The topic is stupid, its all about you crying about something you don't own. Perhaps I will join a Ferrari forum and complain about the heavy clutch stopping me from buying one? And perhaps I will poll all Ferrari owners as to which part of "their" Ferrari they don't like and whinge about the limited colour options.
  12. FraG_AU

    viewdistance and other dissapointments

    Hahah, I thought you were challegened, but then i read the above.... you sir are an idiot. Yes and a Car engine has not evolved either since its still available in 2.0L. Wow, dropped as a baby?
  13. FraG_AU

    How I've fixed my CTD!

    [quote name=Eugefunk84;1384662 When overclocking' date=' you may or may not have to increase your voltage, but you certainly should never drop it.[/quote] Off topic, but this is definately not the case. Certainly most cases voltage increase is required, but for example the i7's, many can achieve decent overclocks (say 1000mhz over stock) while at lower then spec voltage. Just remember processors are binned according to economics not their capability in most cases.. While you say a 2.6Ghz chip needs say 1.2v, there will be a variance (normal distribution) below that mark so most chips can probably get away with 1.15 or even 1.1 .. EG. I have a i7 d0 which can do 4.0ghz at "stock" volts and 3.6 at well below stock (and we are talking 100% stable).. Anyway just being a smart arse but making a correction :)
  14. FraG_AU

    How I've fixed my CTD!

    I think this relates to the fact that you did insufficient reliability testing of your OC! But yeah definately a good idea for some that are having issues. (Not having a go at you btw!) Conclusion: Ensure 100% stability first! And always try stock everything before looking for solutions in software that could be explained by hardware running out of spec. I'd hate to say that a high % of people who OC actually have very unstable systems they just dont stress adequately to see it fail. LinX, HiperPi, P95, Furmark, OCCT, Memtest == Your best firend. I am yet to find something that will beat a 32M HiperPi (Ie one for all cores), 4hr Memtest, 25 pass LinX, 24hr P95 (usually in that order), and furmark to ensure stability.. OCCT is another great tool that gets better and better using some of the prementioned tools.
  15. 190.38s been fantastic for me.. Well lets say Win 7 install anyway. Gained ~5-10FPS in MP.. Now most scenes are 70-80FPS @ 1920x1200 with the lows of only mid to high 50s even in big cities (and thats Mostly Very High aside from Shadow and PP) Cant wait to see what these drivers and 1.03 patch will do if they fix some of the performance glitches. I would strongly suggest for people to try this game on Win7 and this driver as fresh install if you have time and patience, Esp if you are on SLi :) Win 7 ~6200 Arma Mark II, vs Vista ~5500 on same driver (Oh i7's turn of HT fot this game ATM)