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  1. I think this needs to be fixed. I understand the limits of the engine, but. that dose not mean its not possable to do something like this -> The game render's distant objects with little detail in them (Say a tree), now if you zoom in with a gun, some times, you can see the tree detail change to high detail. Now if you see some one off in the distance, and zoom in, the detail of the grass could then appear as if to simulate it. and make it alittle harder to see a sniper in a ghillie suit. The Engine is more then capable of doing this because it dose it with tree details and bush details. Thats the best I can think of without lowering the FPS to a compleat stop with +1000 grass range
  2. Leonidus

    Question for the ArmA Community

    AY man thanks for the reply. Just another question, I just got Gold Edition so I am downloading it now, what mods are most used within MP? Might as well get them along with the update. PS Thanks for the info. Good to see it still had a strong MP base:)
  3. Hey guys. I'm thinking about buying ArmA, and I am a big fan of OpenWorld Shooters like BF and OperationFP. I would just like to ask a few things about MP and the community befor I get the game. 1: Is there still a strong playing community in MP 2: I see there is more then one mode for MP, what are they? and is there a mode where its like 50 vs 50 players on a open world map? 3: Is the game strategic in the way that players work together in teams? or is it just another BF2 medic Frag fest? Thanks for your time reading my thread and I hope to kill'ya on the battlefield if I do get the game. lol