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  1. Hi, we are using the Combat Patrol Module for CAS Traning, we are not good at mission making. Is there a way to disable the Exfil after all tasks are done and instead start a new one in a different city? Otherwise the whole mission gets closed down and we have to respawn. Maximum help would be great. Josh
  2. neojd[ny]

    King of the Hill - why am i banned?

    well, maybe not the right section, but I have the same problem. My Friends do too! We are all banned on all KOTH Servers. It's because we played on KOTH 100x Money Servers I think. We didn't know it at that time. Anyone know who is hosting the HIVE servers, so the can delete our user ID so we can start over?
  3. Sorry to brinf this up again but... I have the same damn problem since 1 month, it worked fine before but now opening the server browser kills my connection to the internet. my router still works and I can use internet with my Tablet for example, but on my PC everything is down till i restart my PC or wait about 30min. My Router comes with vodafone (Easybox) and i havent any problems at all, just with this. I cant buy a new router cause this one also managed my phone numbers ect. I managed to find out: Starting arma 3 - Internet works fine Going to Multiplayer - Internet works fine Server list loads up and I can see the servers but in background right after this the - Internet or DNS connection shuts down or something The router still works fine, no errors now stuff in the LOG and i can surf with my tablet or Laptop without problem, just my PC has no connection to the router anymore. i have deactivated all firewalls (Kaspersky, Router) and my PC is connected via LAN-cable Anyone has a soulution, there was no hardware change or anything in the last 5 months. EDIT: I get the same problem when I trying to play arma on my laptop... this has to be an arma failure? Steam Users with similar/ same problem: http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/1/558754259317124161/ or http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/1/558746994917799473/
  4. neojd[ny]

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would like to request 4 things. Helicopters The KIOWA warrior BO-105 MD-500 TOW like the IDF used them Plus since iam a Paramedic i would love to have a wounded sys like in VBS2 2.0 or something.
  5. neojd[ny]

    Close Air Support - ECAS

    I gave you my thumbs up on steam allready, but also like to say Thanks in here. You CAS missions are very nice and I like them. I hope there are some others to follow. Thank you
  6. neojd[ny]

    STI Addons

    Hi, once this is Final, would it be possible to make it also available as a replacement mod for the new future A10 of ArmA3? that would be great.
  7. neojd[ny]

    Ups and downs with Bohemia

    I agree with the OP. I have the day off tomorrow and cant play the game this night, sucks :( ---------- Post added at 07:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:26 PM ---------- I agree with the OP. I have the day off tomorrow and cant play the game this night, sucks :(
  8. Since we all have this I guess it just will take a while till our "Orders" will be "delivered" . BIS Store is totally invaded right now. If I didnt wanted to buy a support edition I could have saved alot of trouble by buying over steam^^
  9. I have the same "problem" I payed via paypal, order was placedm and everything, money spend... nothing in "MY Games" . No Serial for steam arrived. Even no Email from the store ony from PayPal.
  10. Right now, https://store.bistudio.com/ is totally down for me. I guess they are updating and fixing the Server/Scripts :) EDIT: Now it works again for me :)
  11. Its not out yet, look at the countdown! (Damn, late again ;) )
  12. I want to say thanks. I love your work at Hovercontrol too. Thank you!
  13. In ArmA i used a free program called Shoot Link Maybe after some work it will work great for CC too? :)
  14. Hey, after i downloaded the release of cc, I deinstalled the beta. Then Installed the new CC release 1.1 ? And Patched the 1.2 patch. Now Ingame the Campaign Button is greyd out and i have "work in progress" on my right at the screen. Also its lagging like hell in the menu. I now deinstalled again and reinstalled without the patch... still the same. I dunno what to do now? MNy Download is from the bisstore 1 day after rls.
  15. neojd[ny]

    Time Warp

    I agree, it kills the dynamic gaming cause you have to wait soo long for so many things. I mean even in ArmA you can "timewarp" since OPF, strange. In the first beta you could buguse to "set sail" to a different islaind and while in timewarp you just pressed V so the carrier stoped but the TW was still on. I used that alot of times and it was totall rising the fun + dynamic / action.
  16. Im so happy that it is possible to mod in this game. BIS Power! YAY
  17. You should put up a poll, that would be more easy! Win7 Ultimate 64
  18. neojd[ny]

    Two Monitors

    I dont have 2 Monitors, but thinking about to have the CC map on 1 screen and the Fp View of the Manta for example as a full screen on the 2nd Monitor... Oh my thats like you could build your own Command Center in RL... Just think about you could put in a Monitor for every unit. Like 9 Screens, hah that would be so crazy :D Just saying ;)
  19. Hey Folks, for some reason my dog died 2 time now while trying to succes in the mission where you need to capture some war criminals. 1 Time he was just walking around running and the next time I saw him he was laying dead at a tree ( no gunshots) 2nd time he was just gone and then bugged inside a tree ... blub RIP... (again no gunshots fired) The marker stays on him... Kinda impossible to finish the mission without the, well, stupid dog. Would be a good Idea to god mode him lol Anyone else had this problem? MODS: Only JSRS Sound Mod
  20. neojd[ny]

    ACR ... My stupid Dog dies

    Hehe, ya that guy dosent live long on my either^^
  21. neojd[ny]

    GITS Evolution (new main thread)

    %That would be great, since i dont really get it to work :)
  22. neojd[ny]

    GITS Evolution (new main thread)

    Thank you hcpookie, im gonna try that out.
  23. neojd[ny]

    GITS Evolution (new main thread)

    Hi there. Iam playing this with just 1-2 Friends and most of the time we have fun but also most of the time the fun ends when Su`s attack our base or Speznaz troops infiltrate everything. Is the a way to disable the Base Attacks and/or Enemy Air Patrols? Greetings.