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  1. One my squads took casualties. how can I send them replacements?
  2. MegaSevan

    The need for Afghan mountains

    I've read that the red orchestra 2 team will be very sensitive to that fact, when making the German campaign.
  3. MegaSevan

    The need for Afghan mountains

    BI knows the territory and setting well. They did a really good job, giving an authentic feeling of a former communist bloc country. I would say they would have much less expertise doing an Afghan map and campaign.
  4. MegaSevan

    Chernarus facts??

    It's the other way round.
  5. MegaSevan

    Transport command blank?

    I've seen this happen before. Only way I got support to reappear was to restart the mission over again. In the case of Manhattan I played the second half of it without transport. It is still possible to win the mission.
  6. MegaSevan

    Bitter Chill-help!!

    whenever I get to the FOB nothing happens and I'm killed by the death trigger. I go get the documents, run into the enemy at the checkpoint leading to the FOB. I kill them, then proceed to the FOB. nothing happens, and I'm killed by the death trigger. I replayed the mission, killed the guys at the checkpoint and called in the heli pickup. It takes me to Khe Sahn and says my war is over. It then reloads the mission again.
  7. MegaSevan

    ArmaHolic ArmA 2 Optimization

    there is something funny about fps detection in ArmA.
  8. MegaSevan


    the evga tool gives me slightly higher fps, but it's roughly the same. I still think there is some kind of inaccuracy in the fps reporting, at least in single player mode. Neither the evga program or fraps should have a significant impact on performance. I've also noticed that even though post processing says it's on high, it's actually disabled until I switch it to very high, or back to low then back to high, on start up.
  9. MegaSevan

    fps issues help lol

    what are you using to find out your fps? take a look at this thread. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=77473 I have almost the exact same setup and I'm able to play acceptably smooth on medium high settings.
  10. MegaSevan


    Same issue here. No matter what settings I put, my FPS reads 23-25 frames a second. Only in the menu screen do I see 25+ in the 60s and 80s.
  11. Can you still have custom shortcuts with the steam version? and what about patch support? I know sometimes steam version of non-valve games don't get patched as quickly as retail copies.