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  1. Taggart517

    CRcti Proman

    Arma 3
  2. Taggart517

    CRcti Proman

    I love this gamemode, play it constantly. I have noticed though that the East Teamleaders are spawning without any rifles.
  3. Taggart517

    Swimming AI

    I was playing CTI when a unit was not responding or keeping up with the formation. I found him in the middle of nowhere treading water, with the splashing water sound effect :confused:
  4. Taggart517

    Lay Down Weapons

    Okay thanks will try it out.
  5. I have been trying the Module - Group Modifiers - Switch Side. It works well, an East team will join the West team once detected. To make it more like a surrender situation, how can I make the East soldiers on surrendering place all weapons on the ground?
  6. Taggart517

    Warfare Proton Mods

    When transferring funds, it would be better if the minimum amount was $100, at the mo its $1 and it takes forever to enter a reasonable amount.
  7. Taggart517

    crash to desktop with patch v1.02

    I too crash with great regularity since applying the patch 1.02, I believe it to be graphics related, it used to happen before the patch on the odd occasion, but now I can hardly play the game at all. :mad:
  8. Taggart517

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    Am enjoying playing this again. Though I'm finding if, as commander, you want to allocate someone a tank and they only have two free slots you can't allocate a tank with gunner/commander as the vehicle officially has three positions. Also after a save mission I could not give/buy any units. Great fun all the same.
  9. If you play as East, the UAZ's and the truck available at the start are locked. Also if you use up your ammunition, and you have only enough money to buy some AK47 magazines, when you exit the purchase you cannot load your new magazines, although their displayed under your inventory. The only way round this was to wait until I could afford an RPG; switch to that weapon then back to the AK47 and all was well.