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  1. xclusiv8

    Patrol Operations 2

    Sorry for being such a hassle. I downloaded the mission from armaholic and the .rar file doesnt contain any readme file just the different .pbo:s. Thank you.
  2. xclusiv8

    Patrol Operations 2

    I dont know if this has been asked before but what mission types are included in each operation type setting? For example if i choose Task Force Ops. What kind of missions can i expect? Thank you.
  3. xclusiv8

    A little tip: Graphics.

    I dont really understand? It just changes the brightness and how dark or light the dark parts in the game are. Sure it might make the game look better for some depending on what you like but improving graphics?? No sir. Oh and changing those settings have no effect on FPS.
  4. xclusiv8

    AI Orderes explained?

    thanx for the help guys =)
  5. xclusiv8

    AI Orderes explained?

    Hii guys, Ive been searching the forums for any information about this but without luck. Is there somewhere where i can read about all the commands i can give to my AI soldiers in the campaign. For example there is engage and engage at will. And fire and open fire. I dont know what all of these do. Another question: Im on a stealth mission and we jumped a patrol in the forrest and the first thing one of my teammembers do is bring out the big guns and fires of a rocket towards the enemy. Its supposed to be STEALTH thats why we have silenced guns. Is there a way to prevent him from doing this? Thank you
  6. Hey guys! Ive got arma2 and i love the campaign and huge missions in it. Is the Arrowhead campaign built in a similar way? Do i get to run around the country side going from mission goal to mission goal, finding clues like in Arma2?? Thank you
  7. Hii guys. Ive been reading this thread and it seems alot of people have problems with the A.I since the 1.05 patch. I uninstalled ArmA2 because i had some problems before. Is it safe to install now and how seriouse is the A.I buggs? Thanx
  8. xclusiv8

    New patch 1.04

    seriously!!! how the hell does something like that happen?? There was nothing wrong with the NVG before so they must have messd with the code somehow.
  9. xclusiv8

    Waypoint problems

    Ahh thank you so much :) It works now. One last question. Now that im not using a waypoint to tell the "boss" to get in i cant tell the pilot to wait for him. I havent used the condition line so much in the waypoints menu. Is it possible to set a condition in the first waypoint saying that if the boss is not inside the chopper dont go? Thank you so much!
  10. xclusiv8

    Waypoint problems

    I'm still learning about all this. Could you please elaborate this switch type trigger. I've never heard of it. Thanx
  11. Hii guys. Im working on a mission and i could need some help. The mission starts with my guys para jumping in on the scene. They have to take out some sentry's and make their way to the camp. At this camp there area some bad guys, their boss and a pilot. The pilot is doing some maintenance work on the chopper so he is close to it. The boss on the other hand is walking around the camp doing various tasks in a cycle. Ive put a trigger that when Bluefor is detected within its limits the alarm is raised and the boss is supposed to run towards the chopper where the pilot is waiting for him. So he can run away as the coward he is. The pilot is just transported into the chopper since he is already standing right next to it. I don't wanna do the same with the Boss since that would look kinda weird if you happen to get in close and he detects you and suddenly disappears. The problem: How do i make the Boss disregard his current waypoints and run towards the chopper and load it as cargo. Ive tried grp1 setcurrentwaypoint [grp1, 9] when the trigger is activated but that doesn't seem to work. He just runs out in the woods when he sees me instead of running to the assigned waypoint. Thanx Edit: I've uploaded the mission file. You can download it here.
  12. xclusiv8

    cold war back

    I dont usually do this but that was kinda lame of you w0lle. You cant possible know how much english this guy knows and you should show him respect. At least he is trying to write the best he can. Trashing him for it is really low.
  13. xclusiv8

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    i cant say that i like the flames. they are to yellowish. flames should have a more red collor on the outside and going from yellow to whitish on the inside.