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    ArmA 3 is a Beacon of Light

    The game's optimization is pretty much the opposite of a beacon of light.
  2. andawra

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    just went and played bf3 endgame, i got the most serious graphics-flash, the game just looks so gorgeous, in its own way of course. so does arma 3. but on a 64 player server with the highest settings you get 60 fps in BF3. i get that Arma 3, just like its predecessors, is a different kind of beast, with much more AI calculation and much bigger maps. and i would accept if it would run at least half as good. but 18 fps in multiplayer games just doesn't cut it, especially when changing settings doesn't make any difference. it's just not up-to-par with modern games, which is sad, i think everything else about the game is pretty perfect ( ignoring the fact that its lacking content, but that is obviously the alpha status ).
  3. sorry but that is not gonna change, its the same as in arma 2 because the arma 3 engine is just an updated arma 2 engine, which ofc was just an updated arma engine etc etc.
  4. andawra

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    This. So much this. I just tried playing the 404 wasteland mod online, and online is really where your FPS will go to die. I have around 20 fps in the wasteland mod with about 30 people online, when i change my mostly HIGH 1080p settings to everything to its lowest possible settings @ 640x480 i have not 1 fps increase, not 1! its simply the same fps at completely different settings. i have around 30% cpu utilization while its doing that. on amd. sadly bohemia games will always run much worse on AMD cpu's, i remember playing dayz with a friend, he had pretty much the same rig with the exception of having an i7. he had 15-20 fps more, which is plain ridiculous, its a slightly better CPU than mine, so i wouldnt mind 5 fps increase, or 10 in extreme situations, but 15-20 just means that the virtual reality engine is not only extremely unoptimized ( always has been ) but also generally strongly in favor of INTEL solutions. which is why this will never change, don't blame it on the game being alpha, because you are going to be very disappointed, this a core problem. this will change when they code a new engine from the ground up that will include some serious optimizations. and i don't see that happening anytime soon. which is also why dayz standalone is going to disappoint alot of people, its not even running on the arma 3 engine which atleast has a minimal amounts of few optimizations compared to the arma 2 and arma 2.5 engine, let alone the gameplay enhancements. and let it be known that when a game runs @ 60 fps in the editor ( which it does ) it shouldn't run bad on an online server. if there is alot of ai activity SOMEWHERE on the map it should not matter. AI calculations should only affect the server, it really seems at times that this load is shared or that your performance will always equal the servers performance. which is stone-age optimization. the only load on my PC should be physics calculations and everything that has to be rendered, but ofc only things that are on my screen, and not some units on the other side of the map that i cant see. this is still a simulator engine that they try to make additional money with by selling it at as a mainstream videogame. that strategy will always make the gamer suffer.
  5. andawra

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    it solves problems.
  6. andawra

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    or you could just add -winxp to the arma2.exe command line parameter (shortcut) example : "D:\ARMA II\arma2.exe" -winxp and you wont have to care for any of these workarounds