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    ArmA 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    Hey, just wandered if i could add to this as many people forget Sound/audio. I have an internal sound blaster attached to my motherboard, and also have nvidia audio...as a rule for me since ArmA 2 i always disable the graphics card audio in device manager( i use DVI) and just use the one that's applicable, i NEVER install the nvidia audio software and this definitely makes a difference for me may do for others too. Some people may have on-board, independent and the nvidia/ATI audio so it's worth checking out what you have and just disabling all but the one you need and might also stop random ctd's plus give a more stable experience ;-) as i've found out through experience, trial and error. Blue.
  2. KrIxXuS

    502 Bad Gateway

    I'm getting this too. Sure it will be resolved soon.
  3. KrIxXuS

    Weapon sway

    The whole weapon sway fatigue rubbish has ruined infantry for me too right now, whenever i take a launcher as well as weapons my guy is out of breath after less than 20 metre's.... its just not realistic in any way and the main purpose of arma 3 was and always will be for me about fun, regardless of simulator qualities the majority of us don't want something so real that we can't enjoy it... save the fatigue system for hardcore military personnel and wanna be's. It should be an on and off option for missions in the editor and game controls... if i want real fatigue and swaying i will drink excessive amounts of alcohol and dance all night... i don't need it in my game that i paid 70 quid for (twice) thank's :-).
  4. KrIxXuS

    Hotfix 1.22 Killed my fps??????

    I will test this again Thursday when I'm off work... I'm not using the dev option and I have no mods installed... Ah I wander if it could be the shortcuts or the dll I installed recently? Seemed fine after I installed it about two weeks ago with a slight improvement in fps after using the .dll. Will look into this and post back on the thread as soon as I know more. Cheers for the replies any info greatly appreciated. Ok so just removed various shortcuts including the .dll and no luck...just trying the dev branch now and see how that reacts...... Omg :( really not good at all... in the menu i'm getting 40 and when it goes into night time mode i get 50 fps which is down a total of 30 fps... when i do an Altis benchmark i normally get 72 -80 fps consistently and now i'm getting 60! Ok so i re-installed my graphics drivers 337.88, deleted arma 3 and re-installed... i then noticed that all my game settings were kept so i went to auto-detect in video menu and applied this then turned Vsync off(AGAIN!!) and adjusted my settings AGAIN! haha ... i'm now getting slightly more fps in the menu in both night(up to 90 fps) and day(65+fps) 70 fps in benchmark. Pics now its fixed.. http://i59.tinypic.com/214auzd.jpg (261 kB) http://i57.tinypic.com/21380.jpg (141 kB) I'm now happy but i'd love to know why the hotfix interfered with my game so much :S bizarre! Result.
  5. So whatever else you've done to the hotfix has seen my fps drop considerably!! From an average of 72 down to 50...id have to look at this more but for sure its dropped substantially.... as an example i know when i go to 'configure' then 'video' my fps always showed as 65+- and when it turns dark(night) on that same screen after coming off multiplayer it goes as high as 80+ now i'm at 45 - 50... i was on yesterday morning all was fine... i come back this morning and ArmA 3 updated and i can definitely see a difference and its not good at all for me. I'm normally one for tinkering with my system and in game settings etc to get it just right maybe i'm missing something here or its reset my graphics configuration somehow in game?? I just cant remember what they were on yesterday :j: I know it will get sorted it's just a pain in the usb ;)
  6. I'm still running this on my i7920 and it's doing a pretty good job but I do run an Ssd for w7 64 ....plus extra ssd for other games (Specs are in my sig) it definitely helps to sort the garbage out on your pc like unwanted programs etc, background services, processes, antivirus and firewalls bla bla bla. Generally playing on king of the hill servers right now until the novelty wears off... I've spent years on and off in pure trial and error to get my game just how I want it.... Since arma 1 in fact!! It's not perfect but multiplayer is great I'm getting anything from 30 to 70fps with new nvidia beta drivers... There are very occasionaly( hardly ever) major slowdowns which occur for less than a second like somebody pressed the pause button and back again real quick but only when random players die or somebody connects. Will be upgrading soon to the 4770k and 16gb so be nice to see what issues I'm going to run into as I have no doubt it will be a pain in the butt to optimize again :/ ah well... Sleepless nights here we come :)). Anybody getting good results from 4770k with a 680? I'd like to hear if you do... Thanks... BLUE.
  7. KrIxXuS

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Morning, RGG.DaFreak is right.. look at this guide... they are just a few of the Windows 7(64) tweaks i'm using although some will be obsolete they definitely make a difference to me... use at your own risk and don't blame me if you have to re-install windows! Been using the same tweaks(not all) for around 2 year's. It's a great guide worth bookmarking. http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?63273-*-Windows-7-Ultimate-Tweaks-amp-Utilities-* Going to test that Gpudetectednoobsahead thing a little later and see if it makes any difference for me, will post back later.
  8. KrIxXuS

    Constant CTD ARMA3

    Lol ok so i posted using my phone and it never worked :-) anyway trolling aside it's good to help(i can be nice occasionally) but i think with this latest patch regardless of what i've tried it keeps crashing even deleted appdata and registry files and re-installed, hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. KrIxXuS

    Constant CTD ARMA3

    Crash on HIA'3 since the latest patch... otherwise had no major problems with the game.. gotta say this latest patch is a real let down here. Cant play for more than 20 mins on average before game crashes to desktop. Hopefully we will see a patch to fix the patch soon, very disappointed indeed! sassnipey, unless you have something worth-while to comment on please refrain from touching your keyboard there's a nice little chap ;-)
  10. KrIxXuS

    Arma 3 Crashing Like Crazy

    Since the patch a crash every time after ten minutes or so... not good at all! Same here, me and my pal on teamspeak seem to crash out at the same time. noticing a lot of battleye kicks as well.
  11. KrIxXuS

    Arma 3 updating everytime its opened

    I'd say delete your installation completely, and re-install OR use the 'verify integrity of game cache tab' to check the files ...right click on 'arma 3' in steam... go to 'properties' from here there are various tabs... 'updates' and 'local files' being the ones you should pay attention to....also make sure the beta(dev branch) Patches are set to 'NONE opt out of all beta programs' (downside to devbranch is it's for testing although it is great to try it as there's a lot of extras and performance tweaks ... secondly the servers on devbranch can be empty which means you have to revert back to your old patch...not a major problem but much better to update manually for piece of mind.
  12. Hi KaBoNG, i have my old i7 920 set to 3.8...its been like this for over two year's and until recently ran on air no problems..... you have a great system so sure it's frustrating when the game you want to play does not respond well to your expensive hardware... there are other thing's you can try to tweak windows etc which i'm sure your probably aware of. We could go through a list of thing's on teamspeak if you wanted some help... i've only learnt through trial and error(lots!) and patience... most games i just switch on and have no issues with but the ArmA series has always been the same with regard's to tweaking pretty much after every patch in my case but these game's are better than anything i've played so worth it(imo). Also what ram are you using... as i have 6gb of ddr3 (1333) gathering dust here for free if its needed.
  13. I think this is a great idea and it surprises me that BI don't have official server's for their gamer's/fan's(?).. one or two surely would not hurt and it could help everybody long term as well... simple idea's are always the best this get's my thumb's up. Could we not add a poll to the thread?
  14. KrIxXuS

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Below are my setting's in game... i rarely have major problem's unless i have something eating up my processes in the background. I disable the onboard sound as i have a third party one and i also disable nvidia hd audio something which may or may not have an impact on performance but i personally feel it makes a slight difference. I only have one GTX 680 and my processor is a first generation i7 920 running at 3.8. on an old p6t se board. I use msconfig to turn off all unwanted start up programs and i limit the processes running also as some are just not needed, running the latest nvidia drivers 327,23? and using sweet fx in game. My config in spoiler, it's a work in progress to get my game running great as with each patch it may change or alter slightly but i don't mind messing. You can clearly see my fps in the corner of screenshots so not that great but more than good enough online for me. I know for the majority of you guy's half of this is common knowledge/practice to optimise your pc but if your systems old like mine it does not hurt to look at ways of tweaking your system... The game does have issues and bug's but applying certain setting's and tweaks have made a huge difference for me and i know not everybody will get the same result's. (W7 64) http://oi39.tinypic.com/2lcahat.jpg http://oi43.tinypic.com/mbk6kn.jpg http://oi41.tinypic.com/vmr4vl.jpg these are fresh shots today after installing 327.23 drivers... My config... My Launch options in steam...
  15. KrIxXuS

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    The problem IS (in part) due to custom rig's but not a sole issue as the game does require patching and fixing in certain areas obviously, add to this the fact that all machines are different and ArmA game's in general do require more tweaking and adjusting than most any other game to get just right. I have stated my average fps online and my pc spec's are in my signature. If people are curious as to what i'm running and how i am managing to play the game without any major issues then i am free to try and help those that need it... i have not only adjusted ArmA 3 slightly but my whole pc has been tweaked using various w7 adjustments to optimise performance of my machine in general which has taken many hours to figure out and on top of this there are many other things i do to make my 'custom rig' run how i want it to run including overclocking as it's 4+ years old apart from my card and i do not have endless funds to buy part's as and when i feel like it... i'm not here to slight others remarks or make assumptions as you say.