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  1. It shouldn't be synced completely but there should be two different "layers" of sway that occur. Movement of your head/body (when it's windy your body swings around mainly in an unsupported position) and the sway of the weapon in your hands (affected by condition of player - wounded, exhausted...). Length and weight of the weapon have also something to do that affect weapon sway NOT body sway. The way the sway is simulated now is rather crude. For me it feels like the body is completely made of stone while only your arms can somehow move. Doesn't feel and look good.
  2. Personally I think the sway isn't that bad but what I find is lacking is the realism of the sway. If you have pressed your cheek against the stock while holding your rifle, your sights will not sway in front of your eyes while your head is totally immobile. Your head and eyes also swing together with the sights. I don't like that ARMA sway at all but not because of its intensity but of the unrealistic movement.
  3. Curry

    any news on weapon resting?

    It's hilarious that every bit on weapons is animated except for the bipods. You cannot unfold and fold them together neither is realistic weapon resting simulated in Arma 3 but at least we have bunnies and snakes roaming around the beautiful maps (unsyncend of course).
  4. Does my game sufffer from FADE? http://picload.org/image/ldclroa/2014-02-23_00001.jpg http://picload.org/image/ldclroo/2014-02-23_00002.jpg This should be fixed.
  5. Real weapons. Not the crap that is currently in A3 vanilla.
  6. Curry

    MK18 Mod 1

    How much money do you want to raise your motivation again?
  7. If driving in a vehicle as navigator with map opened your compass is not updating to the current position of the vehicle heading in.
  8. It's funny how AI sometimes clip through walls with their barrels and shoot you even though they shouldn't see you. It's so much fun, I only play CQB. At least A3 is so realistic that I can't hit them because, well, they are behind a wall after all. lol
  9. Curry

    No women at all

    When BI does a kitchen simulator, I want females in that game. In Arma - unnecessary.
  10. A good ragdoll effect would be simply falling over or to the ground in that direction where the body points most mass to.
  11. A body won't move a bit when a frag nade explodes near by. Those effects may be good for BF3 or other Action Shooters but Arma 3 is more a simulator where this effect has no place in. A shot from a handgun or rifle will also not knock you out of your shoes, that's BS too. I could post a video where GP-25 rifle grenades explode only 1-2 feet away from Syrian fighters on open street, but that's possibly against the forum rules. But you can clearly see they only move of fright, not because of the explosion. And let me tell you, they are good at filling people with shrapnel, not really at killing them. EDIT: Just saw your video and those ragdolls currently in ARMA 3 when infantry gets hit with M203 grenades are already very exaggerated. I hope they fix it or at least the ACE devs. I guess BI wants to attract all the kiddies that need "that" kind of action. It depends from which direction the force and if channeled or not can reach the body and if the force will rip the body apart before it even starts to launch mid air. That happens mostly when explosives detonate beneath vehicles where the body stays intact to get pushed up instead of just "dissolve". Happens not very often when the force comes from the side (mortar or artillery grenades). If a tank round hits you without protection (wall, sandbags etc.) you are just not there in one piece anymore. 150m seems a bit much. In video it all seems bigger than it really is.
  12. Today I played a night mission and I wondered why there are no thunders even though lightning flashes were very close. It was a "dry" thunderstorm too. Otherwise, the mission was good.
  13. Curry

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    I play the vanilla game as long as there are no good replacement mods out there. I hate the futuristic setting but what can you do.. The way the developers of Arma 3 are "balancing" the game by using unreal values for weapons is something I'm shocked about but the mod community will fix that. Awesome mods will appear for Arma 3 and I can't wait for that. What would have been OFP without ACE.