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  1. papoose244

    Battle Royale

    Hey guys I was wondering why BI dont release battle royale as a official mode? The mode is pretty much dead in this game which is a shame since I think its the best environment for this mode so much more fun then the other BR games.
  2. papoose244

    How to get mods

    Hello guys whats the best way for me to get mods subscribe to steamworkshop or is there a 3rd party tool to easily download mods? I cant connect to alot of servers because i dont have the right mods.
  3. papoose244

    low fps online

    would buying a second card for sli help does sli work in arma MP?
  4. papoose244

    low fps online

    Hi guys arma 3 runs perfect in singleplayer but when i get online to play KOH the fps can plumit what can I do about this? what are the main settings u suggest I lower when going online?
  5. papoose244

    bind my prim mouse btn

    yes im left handed i have a mionix mouse
  6. papoose244

    bind my prim mouse btn

    thank you harzach but theres no Hold prim mouse btn in the column theres my problem there only prim mouse btn
  7. papoose244

    bind my prim mouse btn

    any help would be appreciated
  8. Hello guys I have an issue with binding my primary mous btn i can add it because its in the right colum when binding a key but if i actually click it it doesnt show up so for example I cant bind Hold prim mouse btn to a certain command.
  9. papoose244

    295x2 crossfire question.

    actually runs pretty good i got this card to play at 4k all I had to do was remove aa and lover object distance and the frames are amazing the problem is the gpu usage is inconsistent.Where in most games like bf4 for example gpu usage is 90-100% on both gpus all the time.In arma 3 it can be 90-100% on both then be 20-80 or 75-0 like i said its inconsistent.I would have hoped by now the game would have a proper crossfire profile.
  10. Hi guys im running the game with a 295x2 and noticed the gpu utilization is 25% for one gpu and 75% for the other anyway to have them use up more?
  11. papoose244

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Hey guys I just bought iron front on steam so I used Iron front modset from playwithsix to install it with Arma 3 but I get addon aia_core_if requires addon aia core errror any idea whats causing it? and another error when I get to main menu
  12. papoose244

    Zoom Temporary

    That happens if Zoom Temporary is bind to "Sec Prim. Mouse Btn" if you clear the problem goes away. Still annoying for left handed gamers been waiting on a fix since arma 2.
  13. papoose244

    Zoom Temporary

    ofcourse I did just cant bind that key.
  14. papoose244

    Zoom Temporary

    Hello guys, Is there anyway to change Zoom Temporary to "Hold Prim. Mouse Btn" instead of "Sec Prim. Mouse Btn" i am left handed and it wont bind by holding the prim mouse button.