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  1. sittinGood

    NEW ATI video drivers 9.7

    ^^ old news...
  2. sittinGood

    ATI Catalyst 9.7 is here

  3. sittinGood

    ATI Catalyst 9.7 is here

    no improvement over the beta here! my specs: Intel Core 2 Q9550 @ 3,3GHz ASUS P5Q-E ATI Radeon 4850 512MB Corsair X2 2x 2GB RAM Still have noticable mouselag at 30-40 FPS and drop downs in singleplayer with many NPCs. Waiting for a Hotfix right now, this game is nice but Betatesting on an unstable game isn't my profession.
  4. sittinGood

    Worth an upgrade?

    yes, i will try some oc'ing. on the other side, now i haven't to upgrade my cpu soon...:rolleyes:
  5. sittinGood

    Worth an upgrade?

    just upgraded! really NO difference! this is a f****** joke. there must be something really wrong with the engine. cu
  6. sittinGood

    Worth an upgrade?

    i'm playing at 1650x1080 at medium to high settings. aa high, af low. postprocessing low. in editor on utes with a few npc i get about 30-40 fps. on campaign manhatten i can't get over 25, feels sluggish too. so i think a cpu upgrade could raise the fps a bit on missions with many npc?
  7. My Specs: Asus P5Q-E Intel 2 Duo E8400@3,0 GHz ATI Radeon 4850 512MB VRam 4GB DDR2 RAM Windows Vista/7 64Bit Im going to order a Quad Q9950 2,83GHz to upgrade my rig. What do u think? Is it worth it, or should i get a newer gfx card, or should i stay at where i am atm? thx
  8. sittinGood

    Solved Issues !

    I would like to start a thread where everybody can see solved issues without searching through the 25+ sites thread of the armaholic optimisation! This stickied would be very useful too. Posts should contain: -detailed issue -detailed steps for solving -detailed system
  9. sittinGood

    ATI 9.7 Leaked!

    ^^ no difference on win7 or vista
  10. sittinGood

    Patch 1.03

    When will it come out? changelog seen so far? anything new? maybe you heard something?
  11. sittinGood

    ATI 9.7 Leaked!

    anyone else testet it so far? no issues so far at my end but no noticeable performance improvement as well
  12. sittinGood

    ATI 9.7 Leaked!

    http://www.overclock.net/software-news/536670-g3d-ati-9-7-whql-leaked.html check this out and report ur experience can't test myself (at work...)
  13. just watched the dev diary on mainpage and noticed some interesting things: -> at 6:29 you can see how the head-textures are white for some secs when switching to 3rd person -> general laggy gameplay (sometimes) so for me it looks like not even the devs themselves can run the game properly. don't get me wrong, this is a great piece of software but i thought i post this to get some feedback about this textureloading problem. cu on the battlefield ps: watch in fullscreen, its easier to see
  14. i dunno but i get no blue led on a trackir5 and newest sw. is this normal, cause i thought there should light the blue leds for arma2? btw, it works fine
  15. so what can i do with an ati card to force vsync off in vista 64? i searched for it but found nothing helpful. i get same fps whatever setting i use too. thx in advance ASUS P5Q-E Intel 2 Duo @ 3,0GHz 4GB Ram ATI 4850 512MB Creative X-Fi extreme music