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  1. Xindar

    directx 11

    *JOKE ALERT* yes, but it has some serious bugs. But tonight should be hot fix from directx 429. to version 429.3.1415926535 :don3:
  2. Xindar

    the Best war speech ever?

    For me its from Mass Effect - Salarian speech VaFo_H34t9s&fmt=18 and from the movie 300 (click on youtube window) xABZIxIoQEA And for you guys? :404:
  3. Xindar

    Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear 10th Birthday

    I heard there should be movie Rainbow six. I hope they will be inspired by book, because it is even better that Rogue Spear or Raven Shield. Another great games were/are Swat 3 & 4.
  4. Xindar

    Nightvision bug with Patch 1.02?

    I know that its a stupid question, but have you got NV in your inventory?
  5. Xindar

    ArmA / Carrier Command?

    I saw trailer to some Game from space on youtube but i dont know its name and i wasnt able to find it again...
  6. Xindar

    ArmA II compared to other games ...

    Call Of Juarez: BiB = Call of Duty from western ages. Its scripted like hell and big corridor action! You can't compare Arma with this.
  7. .50 cal = M82/M107 barrett 9.? mm hunting-type rifle = CZ 550 M24 M4sumthin-er-other = M40 (I'm not sure if this is it - not mentioned on official site and now i can't recall if there is or not, but i guess it is M40A1?) DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) = improved M14 (Designated marksman) SVD = AKA. SVD Dragunov M16 but with a shorter mag and a really long scope. = Mk12 SPR My favourite is M24 and SVD both with camouflage and me in ghillie suit (it looks just great) But i preffer SVD more because of more bullets in magazine and quick shoot ability.
  8. One of the things that OPF/Arma/Arma2 have and there is no proof that it will be in DR - great soundtrack. There are about 15-20 tracks in soudtracks to each game. Thats almost 60 great songs for 3 WAR simulations. Amazing! :o::cancan::dancehead::dance1::partytime:
  9. Xindar

    Anyone else found the Gold AK?

    In new patch i would like to see a pink M107 or atleast pink M1A2 ;) :292: :nerner::licklips: :annoy:
  10. Xindar

    Warefare - Coop vs AI?

    In arma I you could play again ai too. But Ai there was bad and always had only one base...
  11. Xindar

    Alt + f4

    I am pressing it accidentaly when i am looking with my head (ALT key) and want to choose my 4th unit (F4). I know i should be more careful but sometimes in the battle i dont have time to think about what i shouldnt press.:crazy: Yeah this problem i have too. I know, i should rebind my alt key but i got used to use it from arma(the same thing happened to me ;) )
  12. Xindar

    Alt + f4

    There should be some option to disable this combination. Or if you press it you could get some "Do you want to quit?" type of message...