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  1. Ver 1.1: Better artillery inspired by Oksman. http://youtu.be/ow2AKHRcFp0
  2. "Flying fire brigade" is a mission with mixed infantry and armored operations Mode: Singleplayer (Coop). Download link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/75554754/Flying_Fire_Brigade.zip Author: Steinfisch, iron front forum profile "MeeneAtze". Language: English and german. Video: http://youtu.be/gIWyD_CJCVY Installation: Copy .ifa file to %Gamefolder%\missions. Side: Germany, 2./ Pz.Rgt. 5. Story: Russian Guards Tank Regiment managed to break into the front near Dobrov. The Pz.Rgt. 5 attempts to straighten the front again, but is stopped by a Pak. bars. Lieutenant von Helmholtz, a survivor of reamed Kampfgruppe Berger is asked to help ...
  3. All are interesting, varied missions.
  4. Steinfisch

    Cant get textures!

    Command line -winxp
  5. Have a q9400 with a Asus rampage extreme and a 280GTX. Not a very poor configuration. But I had trouble with the game from the first second until now. Low FPS, all kind of crashes you can imagine, graphical errors, script errors..... Today it's not done with posing in front of huge weapons. Professional teams like Infinity Ward, Valve.. will become bigger and bigger and those like 3DRealms and BI will disappear.
  6. Steinfisch

    Manhatten Bug List

    After a lot of crashes I reinstalled ArmA2 an loaded the current patch, hopefull to terminate the mission in a normal way now. But.... when I tried to catch that woman(??) who is in church until 11.30.... I found her dead in front of the church. The traces suggested a traffic accident. How can I end the mission now ? ... I hate this damned game...
  7. I agree with you wazandy. My system is not as fast as yours Q9300 280 GTX but I have a lot of problems too - even after last patch. The Armaholic-tips are not bad, but why we need to advise the program with command line options like -maxmem=xyz. Its on the responsibility of the programmer to call "::GlobalMemoryStatusEx(...)" or other API's to know how much mem we have.
  8. Steinfisch

    Memory Error Crash To Desktop

    I had all bugs in any order: the "cannot commit" bug, the bug "no more blocks", "not enough virtual memory" (or so) and silent crashes to desktop. Neither can I see a pattern, nor do I know, how to influence this by special settings. There is no hint that hasn't been tested by me.:mad:
  9. Steinfisch

    Radiosound + Mouse Lag Problem

    I don't believe this.
  10. Steinfisch

    Radiosound + Mouse Lag Problem

    You are right. They tried to simulate weapon weight, but they did it excessively. We should switch or reduce it via the difficulty edit dialog.
  11. Steinfisch

    Radiosound + Mouse Lag Problem

    @argh9R I've been angry about this mouse behaviour too (already in ArmA 1). But I'm afraid this is the purpose. They want to say to you: "this is not a normal Arcade Shooter and you need skill to use these weapons". But for me they carry this to exces. If you are healthy, not drunken and older than 16 you can hold a weapon and aim without those oscillations. The most of us did it already in real life. You will not get a satisfactory feedback concerning this. P.S. The same problem is the extreme oversteer of the cars. Sometimes you feel like on ice. Especially the keyboard strokes have an extreme hysteresis.
  12. Steinfisch

    custom face problem

    Why uninstall before burning?
  13. But one fact is wonderful. We all suffered from the same errors but everybody in another situation or in another order. This is real variety.
  14. Steinfisch

    Horrible Graphics/FPS

    I think it was not the best idea to let the user choose the size of the render target (back buffer) independently of the screen size (the fillreate). If the render surface is smaller than the screen, rendering process is less resource consuming but the surface has to be stretchet to the screen size and so a secondary filtering (loss of sharpness) occurs. in the other case you cannot benefit from the large render target because it have to be shrinked to the screen size too. This is similar to watching a HD film on a PAL/NTSC TV.
  15. Steinfisch

    Manhatten Bug List

    When I had to escort Mrs. L??? I switched to another comrade sitting in the HMMWV to "help" him getting through the wood. meanwhile a small fight began. As I switched back to the leader cooper, he wasn't more the leader of the squad. After loading a savegame the same situation: After switching back - 1 man has been independend, not more belonging to the group. After successful end of this submission, all support options disappeared. I han no artillery for the following attack of the camp. ...Awful