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  1. Hello all, So I had to re-format my PC due to a problem with my installation of Windows. I'm trying to use Buldozer, after many issues getting it installed correctly despite Windows 10 discreet UAC settings I've finally got it to launch without errors; however... This is all I get: https://gyazo.com/be67e332fb4d658bbe7217fcbea2d6dd It never seems to load the model or anything else, any ideas? Thanks Guy
  2. Thanks X3KJ, I've been balancing those two today and I'm getting somewhere, however: One of the main issues I've got is that the tank will be fine, until you go down a slight depression, at which point it will snap turn to the right/left. It is very uncomfortable and unexplainable... Any ideas? could it be a geometry issue? Guy ---------- Post added at 02:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:24 PM ---------- I'm pleased to say I think I've cracked it (finally, I've literally spent months on and off fighting with this). So, I was using high numbers for MOI and therefore dampingInAir. The problem with this was that because of the high MOI the wheels were developing a LOT of momentum and occasionally this was transferred into a turn etc. and caused the vehicle to wig out. This has been fixed (just about) by going right down to very LOW numbers (it is a Stuart tank so very light compared to a normal MBT). For example I now have an MOI of 5.5 and a dampingInAir of 900. This provides pleasing results although now I'm tryiong to figure out how to get the darn tank to move out of first gear. It currently just revs like mad! (any ideas?)
  3. Ok so at Invasion1944 we're getting a little stuck with our tank Physx. Essentially our tanks keep randomly increasing speed in tight turns, and most noticeably accelerate way too much when driving downhill (To the point that any small bump will send them airborne). The mod isn't releasable in this state so we're asking if anyone here has some idea what is causing this, or any better documentation than that which exists on the biWiki. We've followed RedPhoenix's excellent tutorial as well as any documentation we can find on the net and still no luck. Look forward to your replies. Guy Invasion1944 Here is our current physX config: http://pastebin.com/FNCFhs6K
  4. Figured this out. It was due to having geometry for the wheels instead of using the raycast tech in A3. Still major issues with vehicle handling but no longer related to the above issue.
  5. Hey all I'm having some major issues with my PhysX config, here it is: http://pastebin.com/HamGxUcE The problem is that as soon as the tank starts going pretty quick, it slams the brakes on (for a split second) and therefore makes it spaz out. Its mightily annoying and I've been banging my head against it for quite some time. Was hoping someone might know the answer? Also, maybe not of relevance but the physX Geometry does not have any mass assigned. I fiddled with this and it didn't seem to make a spot of difference. Thanks Guy
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    Sorry its only $20.00 Bink but I'm saving for a wedding, hang in there.
  7. As has already been said - but to confirm. Triggers are far less intensive but check their conditions only every 0.5 seconds. Whereas a waitUntil checks every frame. The main performance consideration for the waitUntil is the code it runs before it hits it's condition (last line). If it is being asked to perform cpu intensive tasks such as a config lookup every frame then it will cause massive lag. If this must be done it would be much better to put it in a trigger. When it comes to checking AI, make sure you aren't performing a loop within a loop forEach AllUnits, this is almost always avoidable and can cause big performance issues.
  8. Ok, so the script will enable you to target the white box as the target will become 'known' to your player (as if you have seen it yourself). You can actually name the units anything you like, but for simplicity you can name the forward air controller character as 'FAC' and the plane 'Plane' so that you don't need to change anything in the calling code. The radio Alpha triggers are operated via 0-0-1 if I recall correctly. Radio calls should actually be available to any group leader IIRC, but if you link the trigger to a unit on the map, it will only be available to that unit (Once again, I can't test this and I'm working on old memories!). There is no need to call the pilot 'pilot'. The script works out who the pilot is by querying the driver of the plane. Notice that the variables within the script have an underscore '_' before them, this means that they are declared locally to the scope of the script (local variables). Whereas the names you give to the objects in the mission do not have the underscore before them, and therefore are globally declared (global variables). In the OFP/VBS/ArmA engine, it is not possible to assign a local variable as the name to an object. So for example if you called the plane '_plane' in the editor it would throw an error (something like ' local variable declared in global space'). So don't forget to make sure that the names of the fac/plane are global names and not local ones like in the script. As long as the same names are passed into the script via the parameters field (the bit in the square brackets) it will work fine. To that end you could actually call the fac 'mrMan' and the plane 'flyingPoopMonster' and as long as you called the script like this: ' [mrMan,flyingPoopMonster] call compile preprocessFile "scripts\revealLDTarget.sqf";' It would still work fine. Hope it works well, I've not been able to test at all so fingers crossed! Let me know, happy gaming!
  9. @FiestaMasta: I know your pain and this can be an issue with the RV engine and the way it processes IR targets as being (pretty much) normal targets. There is a really simple way to achieve what you want with very few lines of code that can be run via a repeatable radio Alpha trigger or something. The two script commands you will be interested in are LaserTarget and Reveal. If you aren't familiar with scripting, I'll briefly explain what they do and how you can implement them to a mission. 'laserTarget' returns the laser target of a vehicle/player as a variable while 'reveal' publishes information of one object to another. A real simple way to use this would be to do the following: Create a trigger, set it to repeatable and make the activation type 'Radio Alpha' Save the mission (make sure you have some players etc. too) In the mission file create a folder named 'scripts' and within the 'scripts' folder create a file named 'revealLDTarget.sqf' Copy and paste the following into revealLDTarget.sqf: _FAC = _this select 0; _pilot = driver (_this select 1); _LDtgt = laserTarget _FAC; if !(isNull _LDtgt) then { _pilot reveal _LDtgt; hint "LD Target passed to pilot"; } else { hint "No LD target detected"; }; In the execution field of the trigger write the following: [Fac,Plane] call compile preprocessFile "scripts\revealLDTarget.sqf"; Create a plane and forward air controller and put their names into the call parameters as above ^ designate a target and call the trigger! I've not got ArmA3 with me at the moment as I'm in Prague, so I can't test the code but it should work without any issues. I hope this helps you and your buds online! Guy
  10. Hello all, I'm writing a script that changes the velocity of a projectile in order to force errors, for example missing left, missing right, up, down etc. I've nailed the left and right thanks to help from Ghost_bear on skype (Amongst many others). However I'm stumped on the maths to get the up and down corrections working. So far my left and right code is as follows: _dir = getDir _projectile; _dir = _dir + 90; _newVel = [(sin _dir)*-5,(cos _dir)*-5,0]; _projectile setVelocity [(_newVel select 0)+ (velocity _projectile select 0),(_newVel select 1)+ (velocity _projectile select 1),velocity _projectile select 2]; The above code successfully allows me to adjust the round left and right, but how do I go up and down? Thanks in advance! ---------- Post added at 10:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:28 AM ---------- No worries all, I've managed to figure it out thanks to this handy page: http://www.mathsisfun.com/algebra/vectors.html The above link helped me learn more about vectors, and then I worked out this code: _newVel = [(sin _dir),(cos _dir),0]; _projectile setVelocity [(_newVel select 0)+ (velocity _projectile select 0),(_newVel select 1)+ (velocity _projectile select 1),(velocity _projectile select 2) - 6]; Essentially, I was trying to add a value to the Z portion of the vector, without adding any other values to the other elements of the Vector. In order to increase the vector, but also offset the Z field, I needed to increase the length of the vector overall. I did this by adding values to the X and Y fields too.
  11. Hello all, I'm trying to create a piston assemly on a mechanical arm. The pistons naturally don't follow 100% the same rotation as the main arm and they also extend, so I've had to make them all individual anims. I made sure to reference them all to the appropriate shared Animation Source and in Bulldozer it works fine. It animates via animation source, and I'm happy with the results. However, when I then try to animate the same animation source in-game, nothing happens! I can only seem to animate the model if I call each of the individual animations seperately - as you can imagine this is rather annoying! Please can anyone advise? Thanks Guy
  12. Turns out this was a VBS2 specific error, so many apologies if anyone was trying to replicate. Future note if anyone experiences this again, you need to put crew proxies in the FireGeometry LOD for the engine to calculate whether or not the crew are dead etc. Thanks anyway, and hope this helps someone later down the line. Guy
  13. Hello all, I'm working on a few tanks and have run into a really annoying and baffling problem with one of them. Basically I've configged it as per one of the other tanks in the config file, and same with setting it up properly in O2 yet when I place the vehicle in the editor with 'player as commander' to test it; I cannot 'preview' the scenario as it says I need at least one playable unit. Furthermore if I place an empty version of my tank, I can't 'get in' it at all. I'm completely baffled as to why this is, please could someone help? (I'm sure its something simple I've missed, or am spawning the wrong class or something) Thanks Guy
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    Arma 2 Model Configs

    Sounds silly, but have you made sure that the model config class name for your object/vehicle is EXACTLY the same as the .p3d file name without the extension?
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    Scouting missions...?

    This was exactly why I visited today - I can't figure out how to bring a squad with me? At the moment I'm just rambo'ing it alone and thats even less realistic than COD! At least COD gave you some fake friends to work with. Anyone know how to do this? I'd be VERY surprised if it was a design decision, I must be missing something?