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  1. I have a small problem with ARMA2 as Administrator, I can't control my TrackIR anymore like "Center" the view with a hotkey :( I tried to run 'TrackIR' as Administrator too, but that won't solve the problem :( I tried to give the 'User' same rights as administrator to the BattlEye DLLs, not fixed :( What is with 'Push to Talk' and Teamspeak...? Anyone got ARMA2 with BattlEye + TrackIR running in full functionality (Win7)? :confused: EDIT: SOLVED: Run TrackIR and Arma2 as admin works: my fault was: TrackIR as admin uses another profile so my hotkey went back to (default) F12.
  2. Feldpost

    Is your DVD in the drive?

    No CD in drive, thanks to Beta :D
  3. Feldpost

    Thank you, B.I.S.; Sign if you agree.

    Signed ! Prost and na zdraví to a great developer team
  4. Feldpost

    ArmA2 crash to desktop

    I have to correct my post that my CTDs went with Patch. They became less but it's not fixed yet. I still have problems especially with save-games in certain missions: worse is Manhattan. I try to save -> CTD; Save-File not Updated. I tried to move previous save-file to a seperate folder... problem still remains. Tried the maxmem stuff, XP-compatility, grafiks settings etc... problem keeps the same. As longer I play a mission (like i have to do in Manhattan-Mission) as longer gets the save-file. At apprx. 75MB for the save-file it got impossible to save the game without CTD (had to use ENDMISSION-cheat to proceed with campaign in Manhattan-mission).
  5. Hi, i had the same problem. The Patch worked fine for me after restarting the computer. Hope that helps for you too.
  6. Feldpost

    ArmA2 crash to desktop

    Hi, i had CTDs too. Mainly when I saved in missions/campaign. Tried alot, but the CTDs stayed. With the 1.01beta-patch ArmA2 is running stable with impressive perfomance :D //OT: great job! - this software is a masterpiece. second time i saw a game and think, impressive! (first was OFP ;) )