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  1. Desert

    1.05 released

    I fixed this with a reinstall, all is working finde now. :cool:
  2. Desert

    1.05 released

    Someone know where to find the Apache or the Eagle Wing Campaign? I installed the 1.05 Patch (ingame the Version is 1.05.62017) and i cant find it? :eek:
  3. Desert


    There is an unneeded "f" ind your of. :)
  4. How can i use a Gasmask or Tactical Goggle?
  5. @Sickboy a ok, i forgot, thank you to point me in the right Direction. ;) @jasonnoguchi Try this and start at Step 3: http://dev-heaven.net/wiki/six-arma-updater/Quickstart
  6. YAY \o/ Thank You for the hard Work on this Mod. Updater is running! :D Edit: I dont have to do something with the key Files like copying in the ArmA2/key Folder or schould i let them where they are?
  7. Ok im getting it now with the Updater. But i have two Question left, can i use my lovely ArmA 2 Launcher to start the Game and select/deselect the Mods and where can i download those mysterious 7z Files for the Updater described in the Quickstart?
  8. Yeah thats what im thinking about, dont like those Updater Tools, just release a simple Download with a .exe or a .rar/7z/whatsoever and we will be fine.
  9. I am playing on Win 7 Ultimate 64bit with latest Beta, no Problems here, ArmA2 is running fine.
  10. Desert

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Sir Polaris is closing his Dragon Rising Community Services too: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/showpost.php?p=5859044&postcount=1
  11. Desert

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    It works!! Finally! \o/
  12. Desert

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    With BetaPatch Build .59875 no Change here.